AVG launches Zen, a security app for managing all your devices

AVG launches Zen, a security app for managing all your devices

AVG has announced the launch of its new Zen, a tool to manage the protection, performance, and privacy of all your PC and Android devices from one place. Zen allows you to add any of your and your family’s devices, so you can monitor their security remotely.

AVG Zen was first revealed at the Mobile World Congress in February. It gives you a centralized hub where you can see the security status of your various devices, and works with all of AVG’s main products: AVG Internet Security, AVG PC TuneUp, AVG PrivacyFix, AVG Antivirus for Android, AVG Cleaner for Android, AVG PrivacyFix for Android and AVG Zen Admin for Android apps.

AVG isn’t the only company who sees centralized device management as the future for security apps. We saw Remo MORE at the Mobile World Congress, which lets you optimize performance, manage files and more remotely too.

We spoke to AVG’s security evangelist Tony Anscombe in February, who said the company tried to create something that was very easy to use and understand. He said it would give parents the knowledge and power to manage their family’s security and privacy settings. The interface is very simple, and clearly shows you the status of each of your connected devices, while making it easy to change the settings on any of them.


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