AVG Performance and AVG Security: the perfect pairing to protect and enhance your PC

AVG Performance and AVG Security: the perfect pairing to protect and enhance your PC

AVG, the famous antivirus and internet-security company, has just launched two new suites – AVG Security and AVG Performance – which are available now for PCs (including Windows 10) and Android devices. And we have them exclusively for you, here on Softonic.

AVG Security, the antivirus SUV

AVG Security is the evolution of two, well-known programs you know: AVG Antivirus Free and AVG Internet Security. Both have combined in this new suite that offers everything you need to keep your computer protected.

AVG Security comes in two flavors: FREE and PRO. With FREE will have all the basic tools to prevent infection to your PC. In addition to this, the paid for PRO version offers powerful anti-spam filters and the bonus of receiving updates before anyone else.

Click to download the FREE version of AVG Protection.

Click to download the PRO version of AVG Protection (try it free for 30 days, then choose between paying or switching to the FREE version).

AVG Performance give your PC wings

Taking care of your PC is not only about protecting it, you must also take care to ensure other aspects of it are also in top condition. This is where AVG Performance comes in, a suite that offers 39 tools to make your PC run faster and consume fewer resources.

After a first check, AVG Performance will show you all of the things you can do to tune-up your PC and really make it fly: from cleaning out useless or duplicate files to the Turbo option that will save battery on tablets and laptops.

Give AVG Performance a try here to see if it suits you.

Zen AVG: your control panel

Zen AVG makes an appearance in both AVG Security and AVG Performance. With this control panel you cannot only handle all of the security and performance aspects of the PC it is on, but also remotely control any other PC (Windows or Mac) or Android device you have.

For this, the suite integrates with AVG Antivirus (Android|Mac) and AVG Cleaner (Android|Mac).

One for all and all for one

Purchasing the paid versions of AVG Security and AVG Performance is buying a product that you can trust to help you protect and maintain all of your devices.  Thus these suites will benefit every member of your family that you include with AVG Zen.

Do you like AVG security programs? Let us know below.

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