AVG announces PrivacyFix Family and Web TuneUp to protect your privacy online

AVG announces PrivacyFix Family and Web TuneUp to protect your privacy online

AVG announced two new products to protect user privacy online; PrivacyFix Family is a new Facebook app that allows parents and their children to share privacy settings to make sure everyone is sharing safely on the web. Web TuneUp is a new browser extension that monitors your internet activity to protect you against unwanted tracking.

“With 58% of parents we spoke to advising that they felt uncomfortable about their children sharing personal information online, we’re giving parents and children the guidance they need to make better privacy decisions on Facebook together in an easy and quick manner,” says Jim Brock, VP of AVG Privacy products. With PrivacyFix Family, parents can make sure their children are using safe privacy settings.

AVG PrivacyFix Family audit results

The Facebook app even works if parents and kids aren’t friends on the social network. “Parents don’t even know how to start with that conversation about Facebook privacy,” says Brock. By allowing parents and kids the ability to come together to make sure everyone in the family has safe sharing settings, without forcing kids to friend their parents.

PrivacyFix Family works in conjunction with AVG’s PrivacyFix Facebook app, which helps you audit your privacy settings across different social networks like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

AVG also released a new product in beta, Web TuneUp, which is an extension for Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Web TuneUp helps monitor your browsing habits, alerting you to compromised sites, block tracking, and features a browser cleaner. The Web TuneUp extension provides a dynamically updated list of risky sites so users have the most up to date database. While browsers already include some phishing and malware protection, AVG’s Web TuneUp will be updated more frequently.

AVG Web TuneUp install

The extension is easy to use with toggles for different settings so you can tailor your web browsing experience. Do Not Track shows what data is collected about users and allows them to block them. The browser cleaner can clear your browser history, cookies, download history, and saved forms with a single click.

PrivacyFix Family will be launching in beta today and Web TuneUp is available to download here. AVG hopes to roll out the finished version of PrivacyFix Family in February.


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