Free Avira PC Cleaner now available globally

Free Avira PC Cleaner now available globally
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Lewis Leong

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Avira’s free PC Cleaner tool is now available globally. It was first released in Germany at the request of the German Federal Bureau for Information Security (BSI) to clean up a critical botnet. Now all PC users can use the tool for free.

Avira PC Cleaner offers additional scanning for things like viruses and Trojans your antivirus program may have missed. “It will clean and repair any infections that it finds on your computer, and it won’t slow down your machine by even a fraction,” says Sorin Mustaca, security expert at Avira. Avira Antivirus users will not need this tool as it’s built into the program.

Avira PC Cleaner threat detected

The app is light weight, updates automatically, and doesn’t need to be installed. Launching the .exe file will place files in a temporary folder that can be easily deleted later.

Since PC Cleaner isn’t installed, it doesn’t actively work to find viruses or malware. It’s more of a secondary scan to make sure your antivirus program didn’t miss anything.

“We recommend users should regularly perform a scan with the free Avira PC Cleaner, no matter which security software they have, so that we can be their second line of defense,” adds Mustaca.

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