Batman vs. Superman: videogame showdown

Batman vs. Superman: videogame showdown

This week we finally get to enjoy two iconic heroes coming together on the silver screen for the first time in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. While this is the first time the two will meet on celluloid, they have been battling each other for years in games – and today we are going to compare their digital personas to discover who is the most powerful.

Round 1 – Lego Batman 2 (Windows)

While it may focus its attention on Batman, Lego Batman 2 also features the rest of DC’s roster of characters. This offers us the chance to see both the Caped Crusader and the Kryptonian in action together.

Honestly, in this game, things do not go well for Gotham’s hero. While you may start as the Dark Knight, once Superman is added to your roster his sheer range of incredible powers make him easily able to dominate his broody counterpart. While these abilities are muted during the story, thanks to some cunning use of Kryptonite, once in free roam Superman simply cannot be beat.

Superman wins round 1

To make things worse, if you are playing with a friend who is controlling The Last Son of Krypton, you can expect to be blasted into block by his heat vision on a regular basis by “accident”. Superman takes Round 1.

Round 2 – Injustice: Gods Among Us (Windows)

Injustice: Gods Among Us turns Superman into a Super-Villain, and then forces Batman to try and defeat his old friend in a one-on-one brawl.

Fortunately, thanks to some wonderful leaps in technology, a pill grants the full cast of DC characters their own super strength. This enables the Dark Knight to battle this crazed Superman on almost equal footing… except without freeze breath, heat visions, and flight. I guess the Kryptonian still has an advantage really.

Round two goes to Batman

In fact, thanks to Batman’s various gadgets, the two are a fairly evenly matched – and even in tournament competition, they are both considered top tier fighters. However, given that in the story Bats comes out on top, we are going to give Round 2 to the Dark Knight.

Round 3 – Their games

As two of pop-culture’s most familiar faces, Batman and Superman have both had numerous games made about them over the years. However, one hero always emerges victorious.

Pulling up the rear, we have the infamous 1999 Superman for the N64. Filled with collision issues and a host of other bugs, this game was nearly unplayable. Unfortunately, things never get much better for Superman – with the sheer range and level of his powers making it seemingly impossible for developers to make a compelling game.

Hardly seems fair

Batman, on the other hand, has not only had a more prolific gaming career but also a far more successful one. Nowhere is this clearer than in the Arkham series (Windows). These titles set a new standard in hero games by brilliantly encapsulating everything Batman: from the stunning Gothic architecture to a chilling Joker performance by Mark Hamill.

Yup, Batman drives him into the ground for the win

Yeah, Batman takes the final round – making him the overall winner.

I’ll be back in a week with more games. Until then remember to like, share, subscribe, and let us know if you think we picked the right winner in the comments.

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