Battlefield 4 R15 server update fixes crashes, corrupted saves

Battlefield 4 R15 server update fixes crashes, corrupted saves

Battlefield 4‘s launch was plagued by server issues and other problems but Electronic Arts is scrambling quickly to try and remedy them. Today, EA is rolling out the R15 server update which reportedly fixes client crashes, adds stability, and patches various other bugs including corrupted save files.

The R15 patch focuses on server-side fixes and will disable multiplayer until the patch is completely rolled out. Here’s a complete list of the changes:

  • Fixed one of the most frequently occurring client crashes
  • Fixed broken collision on containers with open doors. The bug previously made grenades bounce back even though the doors were open.
  • Fixed a bug in Defuse mode where defenders could win the round by killing all the attackers without disarming the bomb, if the bomb was disarmed in the previous round.
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes further reducing the number of client crashes
  • Fixed side gunner jitter when aiming in attack boats & transport helicopters
  • Fixed some instances of frame rate drops when shooting at large Levolution objects after they have been destroyed (like the radar dish on Rogue Transmission)
  • Fixed broken aiming for passengers on the China Rising dirt bike
  • Fixed a bug where the sound when capturing a flag was not playing correctly
  • Removed a bug that would double save during MP round transition and SP level transition. This fix will reduce the occurrence of corrupted save files.

These are all pretty serious bugs that can make playing Battlefield 4 extremely frustrating and unbalanced. There is still a lot more to be done to make Battlefield 4 stable and EA has announced it will continue to patch the game, going as far as halting all Battlefield 4 expansions until the core game is stable enough.

Gamers and shareholders alike are wary of EA’s botched launch of Battlefield 4, with EA’s stock taking a 8.28% dive today.

Source: Battlelog


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