Battlefield is back, and it looks amazing!

DICE has officially announced that the Second World War will be taking over the r/gaming subreddit on October 11, 2018. That is when Battlefield V, the latest in DICE’s insanely popular First Person shooter series, will see early release with a global launch coming the following week on October 19. As well as the release date and various notes on Battlefield V, which will be set during World War 2, Dice released a heart-pumping trailer. The game looks amazing.

On taking Battlefield back to the Second World War Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of DICE said:

“Battlefield V is a homecoming for DICE as a studio—a return to the era that came to define the Battlefield franchise. But as nostalgic as we are about World War 2, we wanted to challenge the preconception of the era with an unexpected portrayal of this familiar setting. Our vision with Battlefield V is to let players explore new and untold sides of the conflict that shaped the modern world. The scale of each battle and level of immersion is unlike anything we’ve done before in Battlefield and players are in for an epic journey.”

Battlefield 1’s current outing, Battlefield 1, took the series back to First World War with great success. Incredible visuals, fast-paced action, and a compelling physics engine made Battlefield 1 the darling of the online community. Battlefield V’s trailer seems to indicate that Dice will be able to build upon that success.

The Frostbite engine has been upgraded to make objects much more reactive to your actions. There’ll be much more scope for destroying walls and taking out cover than there was in Battlefield 1. To counter that, the Gas Mask has been replaced by a toolkit, which will give players the ability to build cover to hide behind. In another possible nod to Fortnite, although it could be a response to the social media backlash EA received over paid DLC content for Star Wars Battlefront 2, the developers have made it clear that Battlefield V will not be a pay-to-win experience. All players will be on an even footing.

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As with Battlefield 1, the latest Battlefield title will come complete with an engaging single-player campaign. The trailer makes a lot of one of a female character who will be taking a lead role when the game drops in October. Multiplayer has been expanded with Grand Operations taking players through key events during the war. When the game launches the first multiplayer campaign will focus on the fall of Europe at the beginning of World War II, but DICE wants to take players through the whole of the war Other series stalwarts including mixed vehicle combat remain, but Battlefield V will add vehicle customization to the mix.

Above all else, however, the trailer simply looks fantastic. Seamlessly flipping between cinematic cut scene and gameplay action the engrossing visuals simply do not let up. I had to catch my breath again once the promo had come to an end. You will, too.

Are you excited about Battlefield V? What do you think about the trailer?

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