Beat the queues in eMule

emule_01.pngeMule has been one of the most popular P2P apps on the planet for donkeys’ years now and is one of the best places to get hold of rare audio and video. Despite the fact that it returns so many search results, a lot of users are put off by the often sluggish download speeds. Some might say there’s something admirable about the way eMule embraces the spirit of P2P by rewarding users who share more through its credits system. However, even if you are sharing lots of files you can still end up scuppered by the client’s queuing system.

If you get tired of waiting for a specific file when you’re already sharing other files, there’s a sneaky tweak you can perform to hurry things along. If, for instance you have 10 completed files shared and you start downloading a new file, you’ll probably find that your upload queue is full of people downloading the other files you’re sharing. This then prevents people from downloading the new file from you because they get stuck further down the queue, decreasing your precious credit rating as you download parts from them but not vice versa.

To combat this time-wasting dilemma, simply go to the ‘Shared Files’ tab and select the file you’re downloading. Set this file to ‘release,’ which will give it priority and promotes people trying to access this file to the front of your upload queue, and giving you lots of juicy credits in the process. To pump up transfer speeds still futher you could try raising the Upload Limit in the Preferences Menu to prevent throttling.

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