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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

15 Best adblockers for Chrome
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Do you become frustrated when browsing the internet and an annoying advert appears? While you can’t change this setting on your browser, there are extensions that prevent them from showing up at the most inconvenient time.

Here’s a look at the 15 best adblockers for Chrome you should consider installing.

AdBlock – best ad blocker

This adblocker for Chrome boasts more than 10 million users at the time of our guide. Not only does it stop adverts from appearing on websites, but you won’t find intrusive ads on social media platforms either. It means you can read posts and videos on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube without interruptions.

The only downside is that you’ll still need to deal with any unobtrusive ads. So if the ads are built into the site by the website owner, you’ll still encounter them. One added feature is that it prevents passive cryptomining from cryptojackers in the background.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Adblock Plus – Free ad blocker

With a key focus on YouTube ads and banners, Adblock Plus blocks popups while also preventing the tracking of your online activities. It makes Chrome work faster since you’ll have more resources at your disposal. However, it allows Acceptable Ads to appear where they provide income to website owners.

You can contact the developer at any time for free support. As far as malicious content, Adblock Plus stops malware or files with viruses from infecting your browser or PC. Feel free also to whitelist sites that you trust and where you want to see ads.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Avast Online Security & Privacy

Avast is personally one of my favorite choices for antivirus solutions and adblocking. This Chrome extension is free and provides a few antimalware tools while also ensuring you browse the internet without adverts. You’ll notice a small icon on your browser extension list that says Avast Adblock.

You’ll know it’s working when you visit a site with ads and there’s a message asking you to please disable your adblocker. Some websites let you continue without disabling it, while you may not be so lucky with others. The extension also prevents tracking of your data, and it integrates the premium functions if you link your subscription account.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

JustBlock Security

As one of the best adblockers for Chrome, JustBlock provides an entire security suite for the browser. Sure, you’ll still block adverts on sites, but there’s so much more to experience. For example, you can activate the Live Shield function to ensure no one hacks your browser or steals your information.

There are 20 options for privacy protection and adblocking in JustBlock Security. You can protect emails from tracking, enable parental control, stop other malware extensions, and so much more. Unfortunately, the JustBlock website seems to redirect to ManyContacts, a communication site dealing with Whatsapp. However, you can email support for assistance.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

StopAll Ads

Want to simply read a website’s content without banner and side-menu advertisements appearing? StopAll Ads rolls out in full force once you install the adblocker on Chrome. It’s actually a fork of the abovementioned Adblock Plus, so many of the features are the same.

One added feature is that it removes social media share buttons. Those are the small share icons you find at the end of posts that record your preferences. If you want to share the article without the buttons, you can simply copy the URL and post it on Facebook or another platform of your choice.

15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Adblock for Youtube

As the name suggests, Adblock for YouTube is a Chrome extension that exclusively deals with the video platform. It lets you automatically skip these adverts that appear between videos that you’d usually pay to remove. YouTube offers a monthly subscription if you don’t want to see commercials during the viewing experience.

While Adblock for YouTube works on your browser, you’ll still deal with ads in your YouTube Music Windows desktop app. It can also automatically adjust the quality of videos to high definition if your PC can handle it. 

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

AdBlocker Ultimate

You may recognize the name AdBlocker Ultimate from the antivirus software for Windows and mobile devices. It’s one of the few that also removes Acceptable Ads placed on the site by the owner. Even whitelisted adverts won’t appear unless you disable the blocking feature for that setting.

The security function ensures that the extension blocks any malware from appearing on Chrome. You’ll see better page-loading speeds with the ads and malicious trackers removed. It even handles any adverts that may appear while you’re in your webmail inbox, letting you read your emails in peace.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Total Adblock – Ad Blocker

Another one of the best adblockers for Chrome that allows Acceptable Ads, you can disable it in the settings. Total Adblock not only deals with advertisements, but it blocks notifications that appear when you’re reading an article on a site. The trial period is free for about seven days before you need to pay for the subscription.

If you want to continue using Total Adblock for free, you’ll have limited resources. Popular sites will still push banners and notifications, and you’ll have to decide if it’s worth upgrading to a paid account. You’ll also have to provide your personal details for the premium membership.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Anti Adblock Detector

Have you ever visited a site with adblocking technology installed, and it won’t let you proceed further until you disable it? This feature is called anti-adblocking. It forces you to turn off your adblockers or subscribe to the site with a premium membership.

Anti Adblock Detector lets you bypass these settings and continue on the site without paying or disabling your adblocker. It’s actually an extension for Adblock Plus, working hand-in-hand with it. However, there’s a warning that it doesn’t work on all sites.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Purple Ads Blocker

Twitch viewers and streamers will be familiar with the advertisement policies. Since the platform is free, it needs an income avenue to keep Twitch growing. While it has many at its disposal, such as fees for subscriptions and content creation, pushing ads is another form.

When you have an adblocker active, Twitch will send you a notice to disable it if you want to enjoy more content. Purple Ads Blocker overrides the system completely, removing the commercials. There is a worrying disclaimer at the end that the developer of this adblocker holds no responsibility if you’re caught, so use with caution.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Undetectable AdBlocker

Undetectable Adblocker for Chrome does some of the work, but you may still need one of the others listed in our guide above. Undetectable AdBlocker primarily blocks ads on YouTube and popular sites where you are forced to endure commercials while enjoying the content. However, there are a few catches to the system that makes it an incomplete solution.

For one, you’ll still see pop-ups appear unless you’re using a Chromium browser like Avast Secure Browser. The other aspect is that YouTube believes the ad is still running in the background, so the content creators still get acknowledged for displaying commercials, and you may see the ad for a split second before it’s blocked.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

TTV ad-block

TTV stands for Twitch TV, so you can guess what TTV ad-block does. As with Purple Ads Blocker, it removes adverts you’ll see while watching Twitch gaming streams. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t always work, and you may need to settle for some pop-ups or commercial banners.

The main issue with TTV ad-block is that Twitch owners have become aware that these extensions exist. There’s a strong chance the site will inform you to disable this adblocker when you try to use it.

15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Fair AdBlocker

Here’s another all-in-one solution that’s easy to recommend as one of the best adblockers for Chrome. Besides removing ads, it also stops sites from tracking your internet behavior. Fair AdBlocker doesn’t log your site visits, so you don’t have to worry about someone hacking your browser.

You’ll have more control over whitelisted and Acceptable Ads than most other adblockers. Fair AdBlocker works on websites and social media pages, as long as the extension is active. Don’t be worried if you see the Chrome extension has access to all the website data, as it needs this data to see when ads will appear.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Bypass AdBlock Detection

There isn’t much to say about Bypass Adblock Detection except that it bypasses sites that try to block your adblocker. If you’re using uBlock Origin as an adblocker, the two extensions work incredibly well together. 

You can quickly circumvent the site’s protocols to see the content without paying for a subscription or viewing ads. Of course, that means the content creators will lose the revenue they would have made from the adverts, but that’s not your chief concern.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Video Ad Blocker Plus for YouTube™

Not only does Video Ad Blocker Plus block ads on YouTube, but it also filters adult content in videos. You may come across a title that sounds exciting but then showcases nudity or sex. There are also many ads that feature adult content that will be disturbing for children to see.

Video Ad Blocker Plus stops such content from appearing on your browser. There are many permissions you can disable and enable if there’s specific content or ads you don’t mind viewing. If you have any issues, the developer is available for support without any charge.

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15 Best adblockers for Chrome

Stop adverts from ruining your Chrome experience

Using the best adblockers for Chrome can make your browsing experience more enjoyable, but you need to use them carefully. Depending on the sites, they may not always work, and even the anti-adblocking technology is superior over most of them. Still, we recommend extensions that provide more than just adblocking services, such as anti-tracking and anti-malware features.

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