Best Mobile Apps for Enhancing Photos

Best Mobile Apps for Enhancing Photos
Patrick Devaney

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Are you a professional photographer that needs to be able to edit images on the move or just a person who likes to add that extra zing to their personal snaps? The development of mobile technology has brought about more complex photo editing apps with features that only used to be able on the desktop. Here is a compilation of the best apps to increase your creativity and get you producing photos that will surely impress your audience.

Best mobile apps to make photos look better


Another excellent Google app creation is Snapseed, which is a professional level app for editing your photos with a huge range of tools to spruce up your images.  It takes some knowledge of photography but a little experimentation will have you producing images that will be the envy of your friends. Being a Google app, it can also be accessed from Google Photos inside the editing options.

Key features:
  • Choose from over ten convenient styles to apply to your photo.
  • Finely tune your image with popular options such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and ambiance.
  • Rotate, crop, expand, and apply perspective to your pictures.
  • Apply HDR and other visually pleasing filters.
  • Comprehensive export options including exporting to selected folders, sharing with people of other apps, and saving copies with size/format/quality adjustments.

There are more features to play around with, just download and dive straight in.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Originally for desktop PCs, Adobe Photoshop has become the best photo editor on the market and the go-to image editor for the discerning professional. It offers an endless list of alterations that you can apply to images to get them to the required standard.

What this app does is take the best features of Photoshop and make them accessible for free on your mobile device. The interface is relatively easy to use, and a welcome benefit of this app is that it does not contain any annoying advertisements to interrupt your editing.

Other Key features:
  • Adjustment of contrast, brightness, exposure, hue saturation, luminance, and shadows.\
  • Rotate, flip, and perspective correcting functions.
  • A crop function that comes with pre-sets for those of us who like to upload to social media.
  • Removal of red-eye for people and animals.
  • The ability to make beautiful collages.
  • Usual sharing with links to the desktop version and Adobe cloud, but also other apps like Google Photos and Facebook.

Adobe Photoshop Express Download now

Adobe Lightroom CC

As with Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom CC also has a fully functional desktop version.  The mobile version of the app and in closely linked to the desktop app and if you want the full benefits of this amazing program, you really have to buy the full version. It main benefits are that it is easier to use than photoshop and enables you to work on more than one photograph at a time.

Other Key features:
  • Comprehensive feature set with similar adjustments to photoshop.
  • Great for people who like to post to social media easily and quickly.
  • Ability to edit RAW images (paid only).
  • Editing does not destroy the original image and all edits can be undone.
  • Can create and apply pre-sets even in the mobile version.
  • Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Adobe Lightroom CC Download now


VSCO Cam for Android header

Being another of the best free editing packages in the mobile world, VSCO offers a wide range of features for editing and posting to social media. You have access to the VSCO community, where you can post your pictures and view others to gain ideas from other users.  The paid version introduces a place where you can expand your knowledge with tips and tutorials.

Other Key Features:
  • Easy use interface
  • Features comparable to other apps in this category, like light exposure, contrast, cropping, clarity, and shadow adjustments. All available without upgrading.
  • The same adjustments can also be made to videos.
  • Access to some of the best filters in the business and even more with the paid version. It will also suggest pre-sets for quick editing on the go.
  • Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.



Remove any unwanted blemishes from your images with this handy app with just one touch or swipe of your finger. It is a paid app but at such a low price compared to the results it produces, it has become one of the most popular photography tools on the market.

Key features:

  • One-touch removal of unwanted objects in your pictures.
  • Quick repair tool.
  • Line removal tool.
  • Clone stamp to recreate selected parts of the image.

TouchRetouch Download now


An awesome app containing the standard editing tools but also the ability to add a multitude of quality effects to your images. Like VSCO it also has it’s own community, where you can explore ideas from other users, and your photos can also be uploaded to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Believe it or not, a negative aspect of this app could be that it has too many features, but that is for you to decide.

Key features:
  • A huge amount of editing tools including the standard options provided by the other apps in this list.
  • A template gallery for quick and easy editing.
  • Several different types of effects that can be applied to your images, such as Magic, Duotone, and pixel stretch, to name but a few.
  • Ability to change picture backgrounds.
  • A great range of interesting filters.
  • A meme generator that provides templates to create some humorous memes to share.
  • Available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

PicsArt Download now

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