Stay on track with these Formula 1 apps

Stay on track with these Formula 1 apps
Jan-Hendrik Fleischer

Jan-Hendrik Fleischer

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Formula 1 fans can’t always follow the racing action live on TV, but with the right app, you can still have the live experience in your phone or laptop by follow the races around the track, browsing the  F1 news, setting reminders for the next race, or getting more insight into Formula 1 stars like Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg or any of your personal favorites. Here are 5 apps that’ll help you keep up date with Formula 1 this year.

The Official F1 App

Official F1 AppThe Official F1 App for iOS, and Android is one of the best applications for driver positions, lap times and much more – all live to your phone.

By registering free you’ll get live data on the move on your device. Be careful though: the website uses Java for live stats, which doesn’t run on all mobile devices.

Unofficial Formula 1 Apps

Formula Sport 2014 CalendarWith Formula Sport – 2014 Calendar, Android users can check race data for the Formula 1 2014 season at a glance. In addition, you can access information about details of the racetracks in a simple overview.

In addition to the track layout, the app gives you other race information, including the number of laps or race length.

Race Calendar 2014

Race Calendar 2014 is another Formula 1 calendar for iPhone and iPad.

In addition to start times and route information, this paid app brings you rankings, team profiles, training, qualification and race results as well as a live display and flash table with race statistics.

Team Φ1Under the somewhat strange name of Team Φ1 hides a new app for Android which centers around the Formula 1 racing circuit.

The app keeps Formula 1 fans up to date about news, brings the racing weather to your phone, and adjusts the start time of the race to your own time zone.

MMs - F1 2014 News And Info Lite

MMs – F1 2014 News and Info Lite brings the latest Formula 1 news to iPhone and iPad.

As well as the latest news, the app brings you a race schedule and route information. Although it’s a free app, in-app purchases allow you access to live blogs for training, qualification and races.

Which app will keep you on the race track this F1 season?

Jan-Hendrik Fleischer

Jan-Hendrik Fleischer

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