Best apps to keep up with Black Friday deals

Best apps to keep up with Black Friday deals

black friday iconBlack Friday is right around the corner and news of each retailer’s deals have leaked out. There are lots of deals from several different retailers so keeping track of them can be a headache. If you don’t do your research before heading out to the shops on Friday, you’ll miss out on your deals, whether they’re online or in retail stores.

But as with most problems these days, there’s an app for that, or in this case, many app. Whether you’ve got an iOS device, Android, or Windows 8 computer, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s some of the best apps to help you plan out your Black Friday.


Black Friday App
black friday app iconThis app for Android is a great way to find out what retailer has what deals. You’re given a list of retailers from the home page. Tap on one and you’ll see what products they have on discount. The great thing about the Black Friday App is that you can compare prices from other retailers. This means that you may find out a “deal” is actually normal price at another retailer. Don’t get suckered into thinking you’re getting the best deal on something when it’s really regular price!

Amazon Mobile

amazon-mobile-23-100x100If you want to skip the crowds and the possibility of being trampled, do your Black Friday shopping online instead. Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers and they’re sure to have a ton of great deals. The Amazon Mobile app for Android is a great way to keep up with all the different sales on Amazon. The front page displays Black Friday deals as well as Gold Box deals, which change throughout the day. Keep the Amazon Mobile app handy to keep up with the latest deals. There’s even a barcode scanner in the app so you can scan items in a store to check if Amazon has them for cheaper or to do some research using their user reviews.


shopsavvy-13ShopSavvy is a great tool for comparison shopping. Like Amazon Mobile, it has a barcode scanner so you can look up products and get a list of prices for online and brick-and-mortar locations. This app is great for those who want to make sure they’re getting the best deal. ShopSavvy also offers some local deals, helping you keep on top of what’s on sale around you. It integrates with Google Maps so you can get directions to a store. Another handy feature of ShopSavvy is its history. You can look back at all the products you’ve looked up, in case you forgot a certain item.


Black Friday Survival Guide

black friday survival guideThe Black Friday Survival Guide is similar to the Black Friday App on Android. With the Black Friday Survival Guide, you can make a list of the items you want to purchase. These items can be categorized alphabetically or by store, helping you to sort out what you need to buy. There is a news section within the app that will give you the latest news on deals. The Black Friday Survival Guide goes pretty in-depth by providing information about whether or not a store will price match. The app also features full page scans of the ads for each store so you know exactly what’s going to be on sale. For another similar app, check out the Black Friday App for iPhone.

Amazon Mobile

amazon-mobile-23-100x100Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers and will have a bunch of items on sale for the holiday. Keep up with the latest deals on the front page, with lists created by Amazon’s editors as well as Gold Box deals, which change through out the day. These deals offer steep discounts and shopping on Amazon is a great way to avoid the crowds. Like the Android app, Amazon Mobile for the iPhone also features a barcode scanner for quickly researching a product as well as comparing prices from Amazon’s many merchants. If all you want to do is check prices and reviews, Amazon offers a more streamlined experience with the Amazon Price Check app.


target iconTarget offers a great retail and online shopping experience. There are Target stores located just about everywhere and this app will help you locate them all. If you need directions, the Target map will open up Apple Maps for you to help you navigate to the closest Target store. If you’re looking for deal news, the Target app has a home page filled with fliers for different areas. Type in your zip code and you’ll be given ads relevant to the stores around you. Target has already published their Black Friday ads, which you can browse on your phone. There is also a barcode scanner built in so you can quickly check prices of products inside Target stores.

Windows 8/RT


ebay-for-windows-8-06-100x100eBay for Windows 8 is a great application for eBay addicts but it’s also a good app for helping you look for deals for Black Friday. The front page will show you items that are relevant to your interests. Deals are posted every day and there will be daily deals throughout the holidays. The eBay app for Windows 8 will make sure you’re on top of all of these deals. There are tons of products on eBay, which you can search for or browse. eBay’s editors have compiled lists and deals for you to browse through. If your local retailer has run out of the product that you wanted, you can always check on eBay for the item.


newegg-for-windows-8-10-100x100If you’re shopping for electronics, Newegg is a great app to download. You’ll be given a bunch of Newegg’s current deals, right on the front page. From there, you can tap on an item to do some research. There are tons of knowledgeable user reviews so you know what to expect from a product. The Newegg app provides detailed product pages with tons of specs and photo galleries. What Newegg’s Windows 8 app is lacking is the ability to compare prices with other retailers.

Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon

prices-drop-monitor-for-amazon-05-100x100Black Friday doesn’t have to end. Keep an eye out for deals throughout the year with Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon. This app will work with any Windows PC and helps keep track of price drops for your favorite items. Simply copy and paste the URL of the product you want to keep an eye on and Prices Drop Monitor will alert you if the price has dropped. It takes into account 3rd party merchants on Amazon so you can get the lowest price, even below what Amazon is offering.

Hopefully these apps will help you take some of the headache out of shopping on Black Friday. Know a Black Friday app we didn’t mention? Share your find in the comments.

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