Best apps to survive in the wilderness

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Whether you find yourself lost in the jungle or you’re planning a camping trip and something goes wrong, it’s important to be prepared for any situation. No matter where you find yourself, you’re likely to have your phone on you, and this handy little device might just be the key to your survival. The apps below can help you with every step of getting your survival path on track, from finding water to learning first aid, and they are invaluable during a time of crisis.

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10 best apps to survive in the wild

10. Disaster Alert

As the name implies, this app is made to warn you of incoming disasters. You should always have some kind of alert like this, especially if you live somewhere with frequent natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes. It is also able to tell you about nearby disasters which can help you avoid going in the direction of one, and lets you check on family who may be near a disaster area.

Disaster Alert (PDC Global) Download free ►

9. Weather Bug

Similar to Disaster Alert, although less extreme, Weather Bug will help you keep track of upcoming weather in your relative location. It is the easiest weather app to manage, and this makes it ideal for checking whether it’s going to rain or not (which can be a good or bad thing depending on your situation). The app is more specific than the generic weather apps that your phone usually comes with.

Weather Bug Free Download ►

8. Prep & Pantry

This really isn’t intended to be a survival app, however, being able to keep track of your food when you have a limited amount can help you ration portions to a reasonable size. Prep & Pantry lets you manage what you have, and where you have it. Making it particularly useful for if you have an RV or cottage in the woods.

Prep & Pantry Free Download ►

7. Scanner Radio

This radio will help you pick up on any emergency signals, making it useful for knowing what kind of situation you might be in. You can also use it to avoid any problems that may be happening in your area that you wouldn’t have known about without it. Thankfully, you don’t have to have the app running constantly to get information from it.

Scanner Radio Free Download ►

6. Knots 3D

Unless you were a Boy Scout, you most likely don’t know how to tie a variety of knots that can be imperative to surviving in harsh environments. Whether you’re putting up a tarp, pitching a tent, or setting up traps, there are countless ways to tie a rope effectively. This app brings you through each one, and even lets you pull on the 3D rope to get a visual of how it works.

Knots 3D Download Now ►

If you’re looking for a free alternative, Useful Knots can be equally as useful (though the instructions are not as clear or clean as Knots 3D).

Useful Knots Free Download ►

5. Smart Tools

You may find yourself without many valuable survival tools, such as rulers and flashlights that can make things much easier to manage on your own. This app turns your phone into a virtual Swiss Army knife. These tools on the app are perfect replacements for the real tools, meaning you never have to worry about losing the tools or not having them on you when you need them.

Smart Tools Download Now ►

4. Spyglass

Your phone may come prebuilt with a compass app, but none are more sophisticated than Spyglass. This app doubles as a compass and GPS, making it invaluable to finding your way anywhere. While some may not realize the importance of a compass when lost, it is the best way to keep you from walking in circles.


3. Offline Survival Manual

The Offline Survival Manual is able to teach you anything you need to know about surviving in the woods, or anywhere, for that matter. It has an encyclopedic database of knowledge on survival guides, and it is one of the few knowledge-based survival apps that can work entirely offline. This makes it an ideal app in a crisis where there are no cellphone towers.

Offline Survival Manual Free Download ►

You may also enjoy the SAS Survival Guide, as it functions similarly and gives quizzes to make sure you’re learning.

SAS Survival Guide Download Now ►

2. American Red Cross First Aid

The Red Cross has a few apps that you may find useful, but their First Aid is by far the most vital to survival. Unless you have a medical background, it will be difficult to know what to do in a medical emergency. The Red Cross’ other apps tend to give advice on what to do in other types of emergency situations, but the medicinal knowledge from the First Aid app is irreplaceable.

First Aid - American Red Cross Download Free ►

1. Wild Edibles Forage

You may already know the simple rule, “If birds can eat it, so can you,” but there won’t always be birds to check your food for you. This app will help you identify wildlife and find out what’s edible and what’s not. It is the most essential survival tool for finding food in the wilderness.

Wild Edibles Forage Download Now ►

In addition to these apps, you should probably have some sort of social media. While typically not associated with survival, social media apps can be a lifesaver in emergency situations where you don’t know who to call. Facebook and WhatsApp, in particular, have been known to save lives. Even if you decide to take a break from social media, it’s a good idea to keep these apps handy, just in case.

There also used to be an app called Bug Out Bag Checklist to help with putting together a bug-out bag, in preparation for a disaster. Unfortunately, the app has been taken down, but Uncharted Supply Co has created a useful list for putting your bag together.

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