These are the best apps of the year: Apple presents the App Store Awards

The excellence of the best applications.

These are the best apps of the year: Apple presents the App Store Awards
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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Apple, in its continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, has announced the winners of the 2023 App Store Awards, highlighting the best in applications and games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices. After announcing the finalists for the award, Apple has this year recognized 14 applications and games, chosen by its global editorial team from the App Store.

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A true recognition for the best apps of the year

According to Apple, the winners of the 2023 App Store Awards have provided users with “very meaningful experiences” and inspired cultural changes. Therefore, these applications and games have been chosen for their ability to “empower users to unleash their creativity, discover a world of new adventures, and have fun with family and friends.”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, expressed his admiration for the work of the developers, noting that “it’s inspiring to see how developers continue to build amazing apps and games that are redefining the world around us.” This year’s winners, he said, represent the limitless potential of developers to bring their visions to reality, creating apps and games with exceptional ingenuity and quality.

Apple selected winners for the App of the Year for each of its devices, as well as the Game of the Year for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

In the applications category, the winners are:

  • iPhone App of the Year: AllTrails by AllTrails, Inc.
  • iPad App of the Year: Prêt-à-Makeup by Prêt-à-Template.
  • Mac App of the Year: Photomator by UAB Pixelmator Team.
  • Apple TV App of the Year: MUBI by MUBI, Inc.
  • Apple Watch App of the Year: SmartGym by Mateus Abras.

Regarding games, the awardees are:

Additionally, Apple selected five winners in the Cultural Impact category, recognized for their ability to drive positive change through applications and games. The recognition goes to Pok Pok, Proloquo, Too Good to Go, Unpacking, and Finding Hannah.

Finally, the Trend of the Year, according to Apple, was generative artificial intelligence, with applications integrating AI in multiple ways throughout the year. This is something we’ve certainly been observing in the App Store over the past few months.

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All winners of App of the Year and Game of the Year will receive a physical prize from the App Store, modeled after the App Store logo. With this, Apple’s 2023 App Store Awards manage to highlight excellence and innovation in the world of applications and games, while also reflecting the cultural and creative impact they can have on our daily lives. These awards, beyond being a recognition of technical and aesthetic quality, celebrate the applications and games that have positively influenced society, fostering creativity, learning, and connection among people.

David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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