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The Best Christmas Arcade games for 2021



Everyone is getting for the festive season, preparing their favorite hobbies for what should be an enjoyable time. At the top of that list are games that feature Christmas themes, and you’ll find several of them in various genres. Some of the best AAA games even have Christmas updates for the next few weeks.

If you’re looking for some family Christmas game ideas, here’s our list of the best ones to look at for 2021.

The Best Christmas Arcade games for 2021

Santa Claus in Trouble

Christmas won’t be the same without presents, which is why your help is needed in Santa Claus in Trouble. It seems the man in red has lost his gifts and needs to search through ten levels to find them. To do so, he travels over various platforms and overcomes a few obstacles.

The Christmas game mainly features jumping mechanics where a fall means you fail. There’s a scoreboard that reflects how many gifts you retrieved, so you’ll be aiming for the highest points possible. Compare it with your family’s level runs to see who can be the top player in the house.

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Chicken Invaders II: Christmas Edition

Do you remember the retro game Space Invaders that was so popular in the 80’s on the classic Atari console? Well, chickens have had enough of how they’ve been treated and are attacking earth. Such is the premise of Chicken Invaders II: Christmas Edition. It’s a DLC update to the original game, with the chickens dressed up in festive gear.

You’ll also spot some other lovable creatures, such as the snowman. There are massive eggs that offload massive rewards once destroyed, but you’ll need your wits about you when you reach the boss levels. So, which do you destroy first: the chicken or the egg?

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Snowboard Santa

What happens when Father Christmas takes a break in the North Pole? He goes snowboarding, of course. In Snowboard Santa, you have a side platform game where you attempt to do some jumps over snowy hills and rack up points. The graphics may be basic compared to other titles, but it’s still an exhilarating experience.

There are only a few levels, but you can challenge your children to see who can go the furthest with the most points. As you progress, you’ll find it more challenging to remain on your board. It’s an addictive game, but the fun only lasts for a few days.

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Christmas Crisis

Here’s a fun Christmas eve game that’s set the night before the special day. Christmas Crisis sets the scene with an introduction as to why you need to help deliver gifts to various homes. It also has a side-scrolling gameplay mechanic, and you’ll drop the presents as you sleigh through the night sky.

As far as the actions go, there are only a few buttons to manage. You’ll control the direction of the flight and throw the gifts onto homes. Players that know the Paperboy game from 1985 might be familiar with this type of gameplay.  Make sure you don’t miss any for the ultimate score.

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Santa Ride

Here’s another family Christmas game idea if you’re keen on collecting lost presents. Santa Ride has 3D graphics and gameplay, and it feels slightly like a racing game. There are start and endpoints, and you have a specific amount of time to complete levels.

The challenge is not missing any gifts along the way. You won’t be able to turn around, as the sleigh will just continue forward. The more presents you collect, the higher your final score will be. You’ll also have different levels for a change of scenery.

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Christmas Eve Crisis

Not to be confused with the earlier-mentioned game with a similar name, Christmas Eve Crisis is another side-platform game where you help Santa collect lost gifts. However, the plot of this story is that he replaced his reindeer with a new motor, which fails and causes him to crash. With only your assistance, he needs to find all the presents before Christmas arrives.

The mechanics are basic and easy for your children to play. You’ll run through various levels, jumping and overcoming obstacles to collect all the loot you lost before. While Santa doesn’t have much expression or animation to his movement, we’re sure you’ll have fun completing the stages.

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Talking Santa

Have your children perhaps annoyed you all year long with Talking Tom and Talking Angela on your mobile phone? Well, Outfit7 has decided to add to the hilarity with Talking Santa. That’s right; you can now interact with him and see how he responds to your speaking and actions.

There are also a few other fun features. For instance, you can open gifts he has for you or send a few Christmas postcards that are bound to make you smile. If you want to share the excitement, there’s a recording tool to capture what you make Santa do, which you can then upload to social media channels.

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Christmas Super Frog

Why did the frog cross the road? To get the presents on the other side. Christmas Super Frog is a top-down arcade game where you guide the small amphibian across a busy road with cars, trucks, and even candy cane. When you do obtain the objective, there’s a gift waiting for you.

It may seem easy, but the levels become increasingly more challenging you progress. There’s more traffic and the vehicles fly past at lightning speed. If you have a lot of patience this festive season, you might as well give it a try.

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Santa Claus Save the Christmas

Here’s a Christmas game that plenty of retro gamers will enjoy, bringing back some NSES nostalgia. Santa Claus Save the Christmas lets you play as the man in red while jumping onto platforms and avoiding enemies. As you reach higher levels, you’ll find more rewards and hazards to overcome.

In total, there are 81 levels, which means you’ll be playing well beyond Christmas. You can also replay from the beginning if you want to beat your high score. There’s plenty of Christmas music and graphics to enjoy along the way.

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Loco Christmas Edition

Finally, Santa needs your help stocking trains so the presents can reach the children on time. Loco Christmas Edition has a shooter at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll need to place the correct color bags in the right train compartments. You’ll need to time it properly if you want to succeed.

Fortunately, the trains are slow when you begin so you can get the hang of it. However, they speed up with each level, which means you’ll need to have your focus on if you want to win. Loco Christmas Edition is an entertaining casual game for when you have nothing better to do. 

The Best Christmas games for 2021

Get your Christmas gaming on!

We hope you enjoy some of the titles on our list of the best Christmas games for 2021. We’re sure we’ll see more appear in the next few days, after which the focus will surely switch to New Year. If you’d like some action on your phone, check out our list of Christmas games for Android.

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