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The top 10 contact information extractors for Google Chrome

The top 10 contact information extractors for Google Chrome


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When you need to contact an organization or person who does not list a lot of information online, there are several third-party contact information extractor apps you can turn to. In fact, there are several convenient Google Chrome extensions that integrate the feature right into your browser. With just a few clicks, you can share your voice with the people who need to hear it.

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Find anyone’s email – Contact Out

Contact Out is an excellent extension for recruiters and other heavy users of LinkedIn. It allows you to view a person’s email, phone number, and links to their other social media accounts. The comprehensive guide can be pulled up just by going over a user’s profile.

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Pulling up phone numbers just takes a second

Share Google Contacts with ShareContacts®

As the name implies, this extension allows you to share your Gmail contacts with other users. This is perfect for collaborative projects or for transferring data between two personal email addresses. You can manage which groups see which emails and alter permissions at any time.

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Sharing Gmail addresses has never been easier

Klenty: Email Outreach & Tracking from Gmail

Klenty is a powerful tool for sending personalized emails. By splicing in some personal information about a client, emails become far more effective. Sales funnels can easily be formed with the proper mailing setup. Klenty automates most of this, so you can reach clients that much faster.

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Klenty adds the personal touch to your emails

Contact Finder

Using natural language processing, this app organically pulls contact information from various websites you visit. You can create your own email lists just by browsing sites with plentiful public profiles. From there, you can extract your email list to the marketing manager of your choice. With contacts finder, lead generation becomes too easy.

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Contact finder lists personal details of public profiles

Contacts+ for Gmail

This powerful extension puts a substantial amount of information at your fingertips. By clicking on any email thread, you can pull up an information readout on the sender. The report includes a photo, name, address, place of employment, and phone number when applicable.

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Contacts adds a whole new layer of info to the mix

Contact Editor for Google Contacts

Spreadsheets are one of the most effective ways of organizing long lists of information. That is why they are the perfect solution to a lengthy list of Gmail contacts that you wish to edit. With just a few clicks, you can manage your whole list and make the adjustments you need to your roster of contacts.

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Contact editor provides spreadsheet functionality to Gmail

RingCentral Contact Center Voice

With the phone numbers you have obtained with the other apps on this list, wouldn’t it be great to call those new contacts directly from your browser? RingCentral Contact Center Voice sets up virtual phone calls using an internet connection instead of the usual cellular signals. When written text will not do, call the client instead.

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Call people directly from Chrome with this effortless communication app

Gmail email templates & newsletters

HTML email templates are an effective marketing tool in every situation. With this extension, you can give your messages a professional look and feel before sending them out. It also helps track your email list’s responses to your recent communications. The helpful metrics allow you to make informed decisions that improve your advertising efforts.

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Track the engagement of your email list to gauge your marketing effectiveness

InTouchApp Phone Contacts & Data Saver

When you see a phone number you need online, your first instinct is to call it directly. Now you can do just that without manually typing the number into your phone. InTouchApp connects your phone and computer so you can add new contacts and call phone numbers you see online.

InTouchApp Phone Contacts & Data Saver DOWNLOAD
Connect your phone to the web to add new contact numbers quickly

Contact Mapping Extension

Your Facebook Messenger inbox can fill up incredibly fast as your contacts list grows. You can keep track of all the key details and appointments with the Contact Mapping Extension. The app allows you to set message reminders, alter notifications, and add detailed information about upcoming dates. With Contact Mapping Extension, you’ll never have to worry about missing an appointment or an important alert again.



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