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So, you decided to start playing DnD, huh? Or maybe you’re starting a new game after a long wait? Maybe you lost the d20 and want an entirely new set this time around? Or perhaps you just want a new, high quality set of dice to make your friends’ mouths water the next time your dungeon master calls to the troops to order? Whatever the case…

Shopping for dice is great!

Dice are one of the few real-life items absolutely necessary for a game of DnD, and aside from being the backbone of random chance that gives shape and excitement the outcome of your decisions, they’re often freakin’ cool looking! Veterans likely know the feeling: you get attached to your dice sets like a proud parent of a successfully well-adjusted child.

So, if you’re ready to begin the pre-DnD journey of dice shopping, let’s talk about the…

Best DnD dice makers!

Par-tay Dice (The Cheapest)

Sometimes, you don’t want any specific set of dice, you want 9,000 options for $20, so both the cost and the dice can be shared amongst your whole party. Want a specific color? Take it. Want to draw a set of options as colorful as your salty, dragonborn bard? Go for it.

Our first set is an all-time fan favorite from Smartdealspro (an appropriate name). You get five dice sets for just $10, which means just two bucks per set. If you have five people willing to split the cost…

On the other hand, maybe you’re looking for more dice for more players! If so, QMAY has a “Big Bag-O Dice” (why is that not a product?), which provides four times the dice for about 1.5x the cost!

We have to admit…that’s a TON of dice.

Low Cost and Mid Range

If you’re like us, walking into your first game of DnD, it’s possible everyone around the table already has their own set of dice. If so, no problem! You can find a lot of excellent choices for a decent price.

Our eventual choice came from eBoot, a tried-and-tested company that has a large number of choices in the Amazon system. Just be careful, the costs are different for each set: our favorite silver blue version goes for $4.99, but the transparent glitter dice are over $10.

While you’re there, you may also want to check out Chessex, another company known for making a solid range of low-cost sets.

Heavy Metal

Let’s be honest: the five to fifteen dollar range has great plastic dice, from the see-through to opaque to glow-in-the-dark, but if you’re reaching the $20 range, you’re probably getting a set of awesome, metal dice!

Why metal? For starters, they last longer, look cooler, and feel amazing when held in your hand. Not only that, but you could probably throw them in a slingshot and put a hole through the drywall, which we’re not recommending but it’s totally a plus.

Haxtec has a great number of dice that generally fall into categories based on the trimming: gold, silver, or rainbow. If you check through their options slider, however, there are even a few options like ancient bronze.

Alongside Haxtec, Hestya has an enormous range of metal dice. They tend to be slightly more expensive, but there’s a greater range of classic options along with a few interesting designs. Check through their offers!

The Others – Craaaazy Stuff

Finally, if you search the web, there are a great range of interesting dice from different makers. While some of these are highly specific, many of them come with unusual cases or boxes for easier rolling.

To start, enjoy these metal dice from TecUnite, which just look awesome with their blend of gray and turqoise.

The aptly named Darksilver Forge makes impressive dice with tech font on a great design.

If you’re looking for interesting writing, perhaps try Q WORKSHOP’s Cthulu Horror set? They also have a large numer of interesting and specific designs that can be found from their Amazon page.

Finally, check out this set from UDIXI, another popular manufacturer!


Are none of these sets to your specific liking? No problem! We hope they’re  a useful tool, a springboard, for discovering the dice set that’s perfect for you. If anything, we hope you enjoy looking at the many designs. Best of luck with the quest, and enjoy your game of DnD!

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