Best F1 apps for mobile phones

Best F1 apps for mobile phones

If you’re a bit of a motorhead then you’ll no doubt be gearing up for the start of the Formula 1 season this weekend. I love F1, but I find it very hard to take time out over the weekend to sit in front of the TV and watch the events unfold. Luckily, there’s a bunch of apps that let you follow the action on your phone while you’re out and about. Here’s my pick of the best F1 apps for all the various mobile platforms. All of them keep you updated with the latest news, standings and race information, and some even deliver live coverage of races.

iPhone racing app

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iPhoneFormula 1 Live Racing 2010. If you want to stay close to the action on your iPhone then this is the app for you. Formula 1 Live Racing 2010 not only delivers the latest news during the season, but you also get live commentary, lap-by-lap race positions and real-time leaderboards. The application also offers in-depth guides to each of the F1 circuits, including distances and weather information.

Palm/Windows Mobile: F1 Season 2010. Although this one doesn’t offer any live commentary, F1 Season 2010 does make for a useful companion to the coming season. It offers lots of information about the drivers, cars and teams, and provides maps of all of the circuits. The app can be updated after every race so you have up-to-date stats on the current standings in the race for the Formula 1 championship.

BlackBerry: ScoreMobile. For some reason, F1 BlackBerry apps are a little thin on the ground. However, you can get coverage of races from the F1 section of the ScoreMobile application. You can view details of upcoming races, check the latest standings, and follow all the news on live blogs. One good thing about ScoreMobile is its integration with your BlackBerry calendar, allowing you to set reminders of when the Grand Prixes are on.

Android: F1Android. If you’re serious about Formula 1 then this Android F1 app is for you. Besides bringing you the very latest news from a variety of sources, the program offers detailed information about all of the courses, current standings, and even an archive of Grand Prixes from years past. The Teams and Drivers section gives you the full run-down of all this season’s contenders.

Symbian/Java: F1 Live Formula 1 News. The Symbian platform is another that’s poorly served in terms of F1 apps. This Java-based application is probably the comprehensive you’ll find. It offers Formula 1 news in six different languages, along with the latest information about teams and drivers. The app gives you a choice of news services to follow, so you can get fully informed about all the latest developments.

You could also check out the mobile sites of some of the big Formula 1 news services, such as Planet F1 or ESPN F1. Also, keep an eye on the digital store of the offical F1 site. It promises both a new mobile web site and a free F1 timing app, so it’s worth keeping tabs on.

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