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Best Facebook Messenger apps

Facebook Messenger (Android | iOS)  is becoming more than a chat app. Now it allows other apps to integrate and share photos, videos, GIFs, and more. Facebook Messenger compatible apps allow you to share a lot more strange things beyond standard photos, stickers, and videos.

Here’s a list of the best apps for Facebook Messenger.

Action Movie FX

action movie fx

Action Movie FX lets you add Hollywood-level visual effects to the videos you shoot. With Facebook Messenger, you can share these with your friends and surprise them with your editing skills.

Download for iOS



Instead of sending boring photos, Camoji has the ability to create personalized GIFs. Add filters, edit the speed, and even create memes.

Download for iOS



Dubsmash lets you choose a sound from its library or upload your own. Then you record a video with it and share it with your friends. It sounds simple, but it’s only limited by your imagination.

Download for Android | iOS



While I thought ESPN would let you brag to your friends about how your team is winning, the ESPN app for Messenger lets you share GIFs and memes from shows and games. That’s it.

Download for iOS


Giphy is an excellent site for searching GIFs. Now you can share GIFs with your Facebook friends and they finally animate inside chat.

Download for Android | iOS


Imgur has a gigantic collection of collection of GIFs, memes, and photos. Now you can share those with your Facebook friends.

Download for Android | iOS

Meme Generator

meme generator

If you can’t find the perfect meme, create it yourself. Meme Generator give you a ton of options to create the best meme in the world.

Download for Android | iOS


PingTank is a different. It uses your photos, but lets you add 2D and 3D animation on top of it. Create your custom video and share it.

Download for iOS



Think your photos or videos are boring? Then add fire to them with Pyro. It’s a simple idea, but when you can have fire for hair, you know there are even more possibilities.

Download for iOS

Score! for Messenger


Sports fans need this app. It lets you trash talk to your friends by using an audio or video highlights. If your favorite teams are playing each other, send a video of a touchdown.

Download for iOS

Talking Tom

Talking Tom is an app that tons of kids have probably used. Talking Tom for Messenger lets you record video using different Talking Tom characters and send it to your friends.

Download for Android | iOS



What’s better than slow motions and time lapse? Adding them together. Make your videos and share them on Messenger.

Download for iOS

The Weather Channel

weather channel

Everyone wants to know the weather and sometimes you share it with friends. The Weather Channel lets you use a photo and add the current weather conditions. It seems simple, but sometimes a visual reference is helpful.

Download for Android | iOS



Sometimes your friends don’t understand the importance of a reply. Ultratext changes that by adding bright text or backgrounds so you know they understand what you mean.

Download for Android | iOS

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