Best Formula One apps for your phone

Best Formula One apps for your phone

Sparks will fly this weekend, as the first Grand Prix of the Formula One season roars under way in Australia. I can’t tell you who will be atop the podium come Sunday, but I’ll let you know my top three F1 apps for following the race – and indeed the rest of the season – from the comfort of your mobile phone.

1. ESPNF1 (iPhone, Android, Nokia)

ESPNArguably the most comprehensive Formula One application of them all, ESPNF1 provides you with up-to-the-minute quality news, as well as full live coverage from every Grand Prix. Besides its news and feature articles, you can get the lowdown on all of the drivers and teams in the F1 Championship 2011, with plenty of interesting background information about each. ESPNF1includes maps and guides to every circuit on the race calendar.

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2. F1 2011 Live24 (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry (coming soon))

F1 LiveThis great looking app helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the Formula One season. Not only does F1 2011 Live24 provide news, driver information, circuit data and photos, it also lets you track what’s happening live in the practice, qualifying and races. You can get live text commentary of every race, and argue about who is the best out of Ferrari and Mercedes in the thriving Fans Forum community section.

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3. 2011 (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

Official F1 appFollowing everything that’s happening in an F1 race can be a confusing  experience – even if you’re watching it on TV. Download 2011 and you’ll get a remarkable insight into all that’s going out there on the track. This official F1 app shows current positions, lap and sector times, and speeds, with charts and graphs to help you analyze the performance of every driver. It will even give you detailed real time weather conditions from the circuit.

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Honorable mentions

If that’s not satisfied your need for speed, there are plenty of other Formula One apps lurking in the various app stores. For instance, F1 2011 Live delivers live F1 commentary, with comment from journalists and pundits from around the world.

For hardcore F1 geeks, the official F1 2011 Timing App is a dream come true. The program delivers real time track positioning on a fully interactive 3D, allowing you to focus closely on the performance of individual drivers. The downside is that the application will set you back 33 bucks.

The official Australian Grand Prix app is also worth downloading to follow the events of this weekend. It’s especially interesting if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket to the GP, because it has lots of information about the course, how to get there, and the program of events for the weekend.

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