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10 Best game Chrome extensions

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Whether or not you’re a fanatical gamer, it’s fun to kill time with a free, basic game now and again. Fortunately, developers have made lightweight games as extensions for Chrome that you can access easily and within a few steps. You may even recognize a few from previous Windows versions that were built into the operating system. 

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We hope you enjoy our list of the best game Chrome extensions for your browser. After you install them, just kick up your feet and click or tap away for the top scores.

10 Best game Chrome extensions

Top Chrome game extensions

Snake Game

When you’re waiting for a website to load or a download to save, it can be easy to become bored. If you want to keep your mind and fingers busy, try installing Snake Game for Chrome. A small window appears at the top of the browser, where you’ll direct the serpentine line towards a food pellet.

As it eats, it grows. It becomes more challenging along the way, and you can compare your high score with your friends. Just keep feeding the snake and avoid colliding with the rest of its body.

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Best game chrome extensions

Slope Unblocked Game

If you’ve played the old Marble game on PC or console, you may be familiar with the concept of guiding a small ball down hills and between obstacles without crashing. Slope Unblocked Game works the same way, and it opens on your Chrome browser when you click the icon. You’ll see neon colors and lines to guide you, but it’s up to you to ensure your ball doesn’t fall or collide with objects.

The controls are simple. You simply need to move left and right to avoid any collisions. As with Snake Game, you can compare your progress with friends.

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Best game chrome extensions

Unblocked Games WTF

There’s a site called Unblocked Games that publishes titles that children can enjoy on Chrome browsers. Unblocked Games WTF is a Chrome extension that provides quick access to the same games as a plug-in. Clicking on the icon will let children quickly choose which game they’d like to play, starting it immediately.

The most common use for Unblocked Games WTF is for schools where students can learn about gaming or use their spare time playing games. However, it’s also available for use at home, as long as it doesn’t distract children, or adults, from their tasks.

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Best game chrome extensions

Free Games

Are you looking for new free games to play during your lunch break? The Free Games extension for Chrome lets you easily access any of the titles on its list, which is massive. The Indiexpo platform also regularly adds new games, which means you’ll have the latest ones to test and compare.

There’s also an opportunity to chat with other players or share your progress in a free game. With new titles every week, you’ll never be bored again. Many of the titles are addictive, so try not to stay on one for too long.

Best game chrome extensions

Friday Night Funkin unblocked

With the release of so many FNF mods, it’s a joy to return to the original where it all started. The Friday Night Funkin unblocked Chrome extension places a button on your browser permanently, which opens the game as a new tab when you click on it. You’ll then be able to access any of the chapters and start beating the bosses.

FNF consists of arrows that drop on the screen to the beat of the music. Your job is to press the corresponding keyboard buttons at the right time. You’ll see a bar with your face on it, revealing if you’re winning or losing.

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Best game chrome extensions

Fall Boys Game

Parkour fans will enjoy the Fall Boys Game extension for Chrome. When you enter a match, you’ll see your selected character in a lobby with several other online players using the same add-on. Your task is to make it through the obstacles to the other side without fail, beating your opponents to the finish line.

There’s a chat panel so you can communicate with other players. The controls let you run, move, and jump over hurdles, but you’ll need to time the actions accordingly.

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Best game chrome extensions

Super Mario Game

Who remembers the original Super Mario Bros games on Nintendo consoles? If you’re feeling nostalgic, try the Super Mario Game Chrome extension for your browser. There are 32 levels you can complete, but dying will send you back to your last checkpoint or back to the beginning.

The extension also lets you create a random, custom map that wasn’t in the original game. Simply tell it to generate a map and see how long you last before you either pass the level or die.

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Best game chrome extensions

Dino Game

We’re sure many of you remember the Google Dino Game that appeared on Chrome back in the day. It consists of a T-Rex that runs along a 2D surface with obstacles appearing from the right. To survive, you need to jump over them and avoid other objects. Your score is based on how long you live.

The game speeds up as you progress, making it more challenging. One difference of the Dino Game extension for Chrome from the original is that it has color. You can also set it to the default gray tones, though.

Best game chrome extensions

Chrome Snake

Here’s another Snake game you can play on your Chrome browser. The principle is the same; send the snake around the screen to eat food blocks and watch it grow. However, the colors are different, and you can change from light to dark modes.

There’s also a speed adjuster to change how quickly or slowly the snake starts moving when you begin a new game. The final setting is changing the clock hour format to 12 or 24.

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Best game chrome extensions

Running Naruto

Remember the Dino Game we mentioned earlier. Now, take the T-Rex and replace it with the famous anime character Naruto, and you have the Running Naruto Chrome extension. It literally just puts the character in the same game without any other changes.

While it may feel repetitive, fans of Naruto will enjoy the replacement. As before, press the space button to jump and avoid those obstacles.

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