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Best gifts to bring for your Thanksgiving host

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we can already smell the home cooking. If you’re not the host this year, thankfully you can skip out on the madness of decorating and recipe planning. Since most of the chaos involved in the preparation doesn’t involve you, it’s appropriate to bring a gift as a way to say, “Thank you for not forcing me to attempt to make a dish, burn it, and be ridiculed for it.” Depending on who is hosting, it might be a bit difficult to figure out what to bring, so we’ve made a list of things that your future Thanksgiving dinner host will love.

1. Deep Dark Gingerbread Cake

Deep Dark Gingerbread Cake
Image via Dancing Deer

There’s always someone who forgets to bring the dessert they were assigned. Come through for your family by bringing this Deep Dark Gingerbread Cake from Dancing Deer Baking Co. It serves 8 people and for the incredibly reasonable price of $22.95 you can get another just in case. Make sure that you set aside two days for shipping, and the gift box that it comes in will be worth the wait. The best part about bringing this cake is that you don’t have to bake it yourself, but there’s no harm in letting everyone think that you did.

2. Benevolent Brownies

Benevolent Brownies
Image via Uncommon Goods

Thanksgiving is the holiday to look back and think of everything that you’re grateful for. Gifting these Benevolent Brownies from Uncommon Goods won’t only mean that you’ll bring the delicious treat everyone is looking forward to after dinner, but purchasing them, you’ve also helped others in need.

Benevolent Brownies are made by New York based Greyston Bakery, who use the Open Hiring model; with this model, no matter your circumstance, you sign up for work and are called when there’s an opening – no resume or interview required. At this time of year, a little extra kindness goes a long way and it doesn’t matter if you’re a struggling single parent or experiencing homelessness, Greyston Bakery will have a place for you.

For $35, you’ll get three brownies of four different types: Brown Sugar Blondies, Chocolate Fudge Brownies, Snicker Doodle Blondies, and Vegan Fudge Brownies.

3. Green Tea Herbal Kit

Green Tea kit
Image via Uncommon Goods

Since the holidays are the most stressful time of the year, giving your host this Green Tea Herbal Kit will let them know that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. After the cooking is all done and eaten, the guests have left and the house is clean, they will be able to brew a hot cup of tea and relax. T

here are 10 disposable tea bags included for steeping, and with the nine different ingredients you can mix and match until you find your perfect tea. All of the ingredients will yield 18 pots of tea to last throughout the holiday season.

4. Beer Flight Set

Beer flight set
Image via Zazzle

Instead of having to run back and forth to the fridge, make things a little easier on your host with this Beer Flight Set from Zazzle. The set comes with four sampler glasses that will hold 5 oz. of beer, and a paddle with a natural wood finish. The most awesome part is that you can personalize the paddle with  complementary initial monogramming. The set is $29.95 but for the month of November you can get 15% off with code NOVEMBERSHOP.

5. Game of Phones

Game of Phones
Image via Uncommon Goods

To wrap up the night, this last gift is a gift for everyone in the family as well as the host. Game of Phones is a potentially hilarious card game where you use a prompt from the cards to see who can use their cell phone the most quickly. Google image search the funniest picture from a given phrase, or find a picture from your gallery of something red. The best result wins! The original game is $20 and there are two optional expansion packs for purchase at $5 each.

Your host is sure to enjoy all of these gifts this Thanksgiving. Order soon so you don’t have a last-minute rush!

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