Best iOS apps for the Rugby World Cup 2011

Best iOS apps for the Rugby World Cup 2011

The Rugby World Cup kicks off this Friday and if you want to keep up with all the action then the iTunes App Store is the place to go.

There are dozens of rugby-related apps out there that will help maximize your enjoyment of the tournament – it takes place in New Zealand over the next six weeks and culminates in the final on the 23 October in Auckland. Here are some of our favorites.

Rugby World Cup 2011

This official tournament app is the best way to follow the World Cup for free on your iPhone. Besides comprehensive live coverage of every game, the application offers the latest news, a mountain of stats, video highlights and interviews, and even an option to buy tickets for matches. A must-have World Cup companion. Price – Free

Rugby World Cup 2011IRB Laws of Rugby

Rugby can be a bit complicated to follow at times. If you’re not well versed in the intricacies of the rulebook, then this app is worth downloading. It has lots of very clearly presented information about the game, including more than 200 videos outlining different set plays, tactics and rules.

Price – Free

History of Rugby Union Study Guide

Want to discover more about the history of this great sport? This study guide charts the story of Rugby Union, from its creation at Rugby School to its stature as one of the most popular sports today. The app is essentially a compendium of related pages from Wikipedia, packaged in an accessible way. Price – $4.99

History of Rugby Union


A Rugby World Cup tournament wouldn’t be complete without the drone of air horns. This fun app allows you to recreate the din of the stadiums in your own living room or at the pub. Although it was primarily designed for the soccer World Cup, i-Horn is perfectly suited for rugby too, and includes horn designs for a number of countries in the tournament. Price – Free

Rugby Nations 2011

The Rugby equivalent of FIFA or PES, Rugby Nations 2011 challenges you to lead the greatest teams of all time into battle against each other. Besides boasting great graphics, the gameplay is very realistic, with a large range of moves and set pieces. Rugby Nations even allows you to play in the World Cup tournament, so you can see how far your team can go. Price – $4.99

Rugby Nations 2011


If you’re lucky enough to be heading to New Zealand to watch the Rugby World Cup, this app is well worth installing. It’s loaded with useful information about the country, including details about beaches, parks, walks, markets, lighthouses, museums, etc. It even provides details of events and travel information. Price – Free

Alarm Clock 4 Free

Forget facing the might of the All Blacks’ front row, the biggest challenge of the World Cup will take place off the field – getting up in the morning to watch the games. For those of us having to get up at stupid o ‘clock to watch matches, Alarm Clock 4 Free is a handy tool that has a lot more features than the standard iOS alarm clock function. Price – Free

Learn Te Reo Maori

Whether you’re traveling to New Zealand, or you just want to be able to trash talk the All Blacks on TV, this app is a fun way to learn Te Reo Maori. It takes a drill-based approach to learning the language, encouraging you to listen and repeat words. There are lots of different vocabulary categories, including colors, numbers, parts of the body and animals. Price – $1.99

Learn Te Reo Maori

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