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After yesterday’s dive into the best YouTube video tutorials for up and coming DJs, today we’re going to look at karaoke. Yep, today is all about your favorite songs. Get ready to belt out all your favorite karaoke songs as we’ll be walking you through some of the best free karaoke apps available on your smartphone. Many of these apps, however, also offer VIP features and in-app-purchases.

Best Karaoke apps

Karaoke is such a fun and social activity. It is easy to think that being stuck inside might limit your karaoke opportunities but in fact, you’d be wrong. There are plenty of apps and programs available today that will give you the chance to not only sing but to sing with your friends. With these apps and programs, the only problem you’ll have to worry about will be your singing voice. It is time to put it all on the line because these are the best karaoke apps.

Best karaoke apps for iPhone and Android

We’ve laid out our top five karaoke apps and programs to help you connect and enjoy yourself with friends even when you’re stuck indoors.

Sing! Karaoke

sing karaoke

With karaoke being such a social activity, it’ll be no surprise that all the best karaoke apps aren’t just about the singing. All the best karaoke apps involve some sort of sharing platform as well. Sing! Karaoke by Smule does this perfectly bringing in plenty of great social innovations including collaborations as well as song recommendations and solo performance sharing.

The catch here is that all the best Sing! Karaoke features lie behind quite a steep subscription platform that can cost up to as much as $10.49 a week. For that though, you’ll get a lot more than the one free song you get on the free plan. The unlimited plan gives access to over half a million songs and also includes neat features like audio effects, voice warping features, and audio filters.

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WeSing puts a lot of great singing and editing features in your pocket. What’s even better is that many of these powerful features are available for free. There are still certain features that hide behind in-app-purchases but there’s a lot more available for free here than you’ll get with Sing!.

As well as the regular karaoke features, you’d expect, WeSing also has some handy snipping tools that make it easy for you to edit the songs you’ve just performed. There are also some cool sound effects that you can use to bolster your tunes and then there are the record and share features, which give you the opportunity to get your performances out there. All-in-all this is a great little karaoke app that might not offer as much as Sing! Karaoke but offers great value, nonetheless.

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Our next app isn’t exactly what you’d call a karaoke app. Instead, Voloco is a tool that you use to get better at karaoke. That’s right Voloco is more of a vocal coach app than a karaoke app like the rest of the apps we’re featuring today. Don’t worry though, Voloco is not about boring lessons and guides, this learning app is lots of fun to use.

Voloco is a simple enough app. You upload a song from your music library and then the app auto-tunes and analyzes the track. It establishes the key the song is recorded in and then tries to guide you on the pitch of your voice when you’re singing it. In this way, it works a little like a tuning fork for your voice. You’ll need to remember the words though, as Voloco won’t display lyrics like a traditional karaoke app. Once you’ve mastered your songs, however, and your performances are pitch-perfect, it will allow you to share your tunes on social media.

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This karaoke app is incredibly popular and has racked up over 50 million downloads. Popularity like that isn’t easy to come by so you know that StarMaker is a well-made and accessible app. StarMaker has built up such a huge online following by bringing songs from the biggest names in pop music to your smartphone for you to sing along with. Yep, the app is made so that you’re not singing over the likes of Bruno Mars or John Legend, but rather you’re singing with them as if you were singing a duet.

StarMaker also has all the usual social sharing features that you’ve seen across all of the apps we’ve featured today but it also has an ace up its sleeve and that is live streaming. With StarMaker you can organize your own little concerts and shows, and then invite all of your friends, family, and fans to come and see you perform. This is fantastic even if you’re stuck in the house as they’ll get to see you perform live online rather than having to come and see you in person. In short, this app is an absolute treat for singers and exhibitionists alike.

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SongPop 2

The final app we’re featuring in today’s list is SongPop 2. This great app available on both Android and iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads is much simpler than many of the other apps we’ve looked at today but just as effective. Song Pop 2 has many great features that will not only make karaoke accessible to you but also help you get better at singing.

On top of the singing platform and all the social sharing features, SongPop 2 has many different voice effects features including customizations, voice editing, various musical theme generators, and even video effects. There’s also a fantastic feature to help you balance out your songs and performances in order to make them sound fuller and richer. Even if you can’t sing, this karaoke app will have something for you. Give it a try now.

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