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15 Best screenshot Chrome extensions

15 Best screenshot Chrome extensions
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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While you can take screenshots on Windows with the default Alt+PrtScr shortcut or using the Xbox App interface, it doesn’t always work so well on your Chrome browser. It means finding that image in the designated folder or clipboard, and then opening an app to edit or crop it. Sometimes you also lose image quality. 

Another option is installing one of the best screenshot Chrome extensions in our list below. They have several features you might find handy, and some of them also include video recording. Choosing the right one will save you time, especially if you need to send screenshots to your colleagues with a looming deadline.


Top Chrome screenshot extensions

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

When you’re looking for more than a basic screen recorder for Chrome, try the Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder extension. Not only can you capture the screen while you’re working, but it also has a recording function. There are three ways you can take a screenshot, namely, full-page, the visible section, or only a selected area.

If you want to highlight important information on the screenshot, you can add annotations. It’s easy to use shapes, lines, arrows, or other icons from the menu bar. There’s also a quick share button to apps so you can discuss the recording with your friends or colleagues.

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Screenshot YT

It can be challenging to capture the right moment on Chrome when you’re watching a YouTube video. The Screenshot YT extension adds a screenshot button at the bottom of the video panel. When you click it, you have the option to collect it from the clipboard or save it as an image to a local folder on your PC.

You’ll also see speed buttons to increase or decrease the playback speed of videos. If you’re not in the mood to use the mouse, you can activate the speed and screenshot functions with keyboard shortcuts.

Screenshot YT DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Screenshot Capture

This screenshot Chrome extension works much the same as the default Windows way of capturing your screen to the clipboard, but it has a few additional functions. You can choose how to take the screenshot, such as immediately cropping or saving it for later. You’ll need to set a new keyboard shortcut for it, though.

Instead of sending the image to the clipboard, which reduces image quality, you can also opt to save it on your PC within a designated folder. The two available formats are PNG and JPG.

Screenshot Capture DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Video Screenshot

Here’s another Chrome extension that lets you take screenshots of videos for the best quality. The main difference that Video Screenshot provides is that you can use it on more than YouTube. Your other options include Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and any other popular streaming sites. 

What Video Screenshot does is adds a screenshot icon to the video panel that looks like a small camera. The location of the icon depends on the streaming service you’re using. When you click on it, it will save a JPG or PNG file to the clipboard or a folder you provide.

Video Screenshot DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Screenshot Tool – capture & editor

Not happy with simply capturing the screen? Screenshot Tool – capture & editor lets you make adjustments to the image before it’s saved as a screenshot to your PC. When you’re on a site using Chrome, you can record the entire screen, a partial view, or the whole page. 

Once captured, you can insert or draw lines and objects. You’ll have the option to download the screenshot to a folder or save it to your clipboard when you’re ready. It only saves in the PNG format, which means you’ll have good-quality images to work with.

Screenshot Tool - capture & editor DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Webpage Screenshot – Entire page screenshot!

When you want more customization options, you can turn to Webpage Screenshot – Entire page screenshot! This Chrome extension has a free version that lets you capture the whole site page or only sections that are important to you. You’ll see a window appear, giving you options for saving and naming the image file.

There are Premium functions too for more advanced options. For instance, you’ll access the editor to add annotations. You can even use Webcam capture to quickly record an image with your PC’s camera hardware. You’ll also see an option to pin your recorded screenshot to Pinterest.

Webpage Screenshot - Entire page screenshot! DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Page Screenshot

While a few of the previous Chrome extensions could capture pages as one of the features, Page Screenshot offers this function exclusively. When you activate it with the keyboard shortcut, you’ll see it scroll the page vertically to take a single screenshot. It then saves it to your desired location in the format you select in the settings.

However, it only works with vertical scrolling. If the page is too wide and you need to scroll horizontally, you won’t see the details to the right or left. Also, you’ll have to refresh the page after activating the extension on Chrome.

Page Screenshot DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Movavi ScreenShot Chrome Extension

Here’s a Chrome extension that has several options the other screenshot add-ons are missing. For one, Movavi ScreenShot Chrome Extension has more formats available, with the complete list being PDF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG. While you can save it to the clipboard or a folder like the others, additional choices include email and OneNote.

Since I work with OneNote for many of my projects, that’s a handy bonus. One of the more standard features is choosing between full-page, screen, or sectional screenshots. However, the main difference is that you can access these options by right-clicking on the page.

Movavi ScreenShot Chrome Extension DOWNLOAD

Easy Screenshot – a Web Clipper

Easy Screenshot – a Web Clipper also lets you select which parts you want to capture on Chrome, but it has a more elegant way of doing so. It adds an extension icon at the top right. Clicking on it brings up a small menu asking you which part you’d like to record. You’ll also see that the image quality will match that of your PC and monitor, so it works well on 4K displays.

The intuitive part of this Chrome extension is the gridline you’ll see on the side. They guide you to see if the width will fit into the screenshot. It also presents a grid for when you want to capture only a portion of the screen.

Easy Screenshot - a Web Clipper DOWNLOAD

Screenshot It

Are you looking for a basic Chrome extension to simply take screenshots and save them? Screenshot It doesn’t have too many features, which is ideal if you’re not interested in anything other than capturing the screen. You can’t choose between page or section recording, so you’ll need to edit the image on a photo editor if you need to.

Once you click on the camera icon in your extension tray, it opens the image in a new Chrome tab. You can right-click on it and save it anywhere on your hard drive. 

Screenshot It DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

imgur Uploader

Many people upload images to imgur to reuse or post later, usually into albums so they can organise their content. Imgur Uploader for Chrome saves you the hassle of saving images, finding them, and then uploading them to the site. You can quickly capture your screen and immediately upload to your imgur account.

An additional feature is zooming into a portion of the page and only capturing that part while zoomed in. You can also open your imgur album after you’ve uploaded an image to it, giving you quick access.

imgur Uploader DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Meet Screenshot

This Chrome extension works with Google Meet, but only when you’re using it on the browser. While you’re in a meeting, you can click on the capture button at the bottom to quickly grab a screenshot. It’s ideal if someone is sharing a screen showing documents or information that you need for later.

You can also click on the extension icon on your Chrome browser instead of in the video panel. It’s effective for the iFrame panels that the standard Windows screenshot tool might not record properly or in the right quality.

Meet Screenshot DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

Gmail Screenshot by cloudHQ

When you need to send screenshots to your colleagues, try Gmail Screenshot by cloudHQ for Chrome. You can take images, add text and other items, and then send the result to your email. There’s also an iCloud link you can give to your colleagues so they can quickly access the screenshot from anywhere.

While most of the features are free, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription for the advanced tools. These include saving to Dropbox or Google Drive, tracking how many people clicked on the link, and receiving support for the extension from the developer.

Gmail Screenshot By CloudHQ DOWNLOAD

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder for Chrome has three main features that provide a variety of tools. The first is capturing your screen in different ways with the click of an icon. If you want to make changes, you can edit or customize the image before saving or sending it to others with a link.

The third feature is video recording, which also has several ways you can use it. Not only can you record what’s happening on your screen, but you can add your voice for additional notes. There’s even an option to capture with your webcam and insert your face while speaking and recording the screen.

Screen Recorder DOWNLOAD
Best screenshot Chrome extensions

One-click Screenshot

The developer of One-click Screenshot developed the Chrome extension when becoming frustrated with how much other add-ons bloated the browser. To remedy the situation, this plug-in is lightweight and only records entire web pages. Once you click on the icon, you can scroll down as far as you need to capture.

Unfortunately, you’ll need a separate app if you want to edit or crop the image. It works well if that’s all you want to do and want to remove heavier extensions on Chrome.

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