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Top 5 Shadow Warrior 3 Tips

Top 5 Shadow Warrior 3 Tips
Juliet Childers

Juliet Childers

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Get the quick lowdown on Shadow Warrior 3 tips to make the most of Gore Weapons, a grappling hook, and Lo Wang’s trusty katana. The developers also incorporated wall running — like in Titanfall 2 — for even more traversal options and mayhem.

Believe it or not, the Shadow Warrior franchise started all the way back in 1997 and didn’t gain new life until 2013. Many laud the studio with how they breathed new life into the franchise, making it more of a “ninja shooter” than just a Doom-clone.

Now, Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital, known for Serious Sam, have returned. This third installment delivers even more shooting, slicing, and bloody good fun. Except that this time…there’s a dragon?

More Boom, More Zoom, & Verticality

As with many games heavy on horde-style combat, moving around almost constantly increases the likelihood that you’ll take less damage from enemies. It can also synergize better with whatever abilities or skills you might have picked up in the game.

Since the game also offers lots of options for vertical traversals, remember to exploit wall running and that grappling hook if you need to escape a huge number of bad guys. Lo Wang will surely appreciate the opportunity to show off his amateur acrobat skills.

image of upgraded Sidekicks in Shadow Warrior 3

Upgrade Sidekicks & Your Katana

Lo Wang’s katana is as iconic as his devilishly coiffed hair and it’s your primary offensive weapon throughout early levels. What’s more: you can upgrade it to do serious damage. It can take out enemies with one strike, generate additional gun ammo, and be imbued with elemental damage like electricity. Stunning a target lets you get in lots of extra attacks with that blade.

On the subject of upgrades, don’t forget about guns known as “Sidekicks”. These dual SMGs aren’t much at first, but upgrading them pays off big time. After just two upgrades, Sidekicks get “Shocking Rounds” that can stun airborne enemies giving Lo Wang time to grapple to enemies or away from danger.

image of the Seeking Eye for Shadow Warrior 3 tips

Exploit Gore Weapons & Mechanics

The next in our Shadow Warrior 3 tips list involves a new weapon type known as Gore Weapons. These are particularly gnarly, visceral tools of destruction found from enemy corpses. Essentially, these weapons are embedded in enemy bodies, so you have to…rip them out.

The arsenal includes floating eyes like in the image above, laser grenades, and more. However, these can only be obtained by using Finishers — special take-down moves requiring one to three bars of energy. This turns into a bit of a trade-off as Finishers can restore Lo Wang’s health if he’s very low. Collecting yellow pickups restores the meter, but not having Finisher energy available means you could miss out on a Gore Weapon.

Complete List of Gore Weapons in Shadow Warrior 3

  1. Brain Freeze
    Cost: 1 Finisher bar
    Description: Reach into an enemy’s head, extract their eyeball, and use it as an ice grenade
    Enemy Type: Kugutsu Enemies
  2. Brain Tonic
    Cost: 1 Finisher bar
    Description: Use a Finisher on Shogai enemies to steal their souls, adding 100 HP to Lo Wang’s max health and granting invincibility for five seconds
    Enemy Type: Shogai Enemies
  3. Disco Grenade
    Cost: 2 Finisher bars
    Description: After Finishing a Laser Shogun, throw a Disco Grenade that shoots multiple laser beams in many directions to slice through enemies
    Enemy Type: Laser Shogun Enemies
  4. Blade of Hattori
    Cost: 2 Finisher bars
    Description: A sword that allows you to lock onto an enemy then dash quickly in their direction to take them out. It also allows Lo Wang to slow down time
    Enemy Type: Hattori
  5. Seeking Eye
    Cost: 2 Finisher bars
    Description: Similar to ice grenades, but it
    Enemy Type: Seeking Shokera’s head
  6. Penetrator
    Cost: 2 Finisher bars
    Description: This huge drill staggers enemies and can shred them up if it spins for long enough
    Enemy Type: Mogura Twin Enemies
  7. Equalizer
    Cost: 2 Finisher bars
    Description: Giant hammer that emits a shockwave where slammed
    Enemy Type: Oni Hanma Enemies
  8. Hungry, Hungry Heart
    Cost: 2 Finisher bars
    Description: This grenade opens up a vortex, trapping enemies in it while dealing damage to them
    Enemy Type: Chef Oboru Guruma
  9. Swarm Launcher
    Cost: 2 Finisher bars
    Description: This firework minigun deals consistent, sustained damage until it runs out of ammo. Then, it explores, dealing damage in its radius
    Enemy Type: Slinky Jakku Enemies
  10. Double Trouble
    Cost: 3 Finisher bars
    Description: This dual minigun fires green-colored projectiles that deal heavy damage to enemies
    Enemy Type: Gassy Obariyon
image of Seeking Shokera's head in Shadow Warrior 3

Leverage (And Watch Out For) Elemental Damage

As mentioned earlier in this Shadow Warrior 3 tips list, Lo Wang can make use of elemental powers to deal more damage or use different abilities. Ice, fire, and electricity are the 3 options with electricity and ice being particularly useful for enemy crowd control.

  • Fire – good for explosions and burst damage
  • Ice – good for freezing any enemies caught in the blast
  • Electricity – good for stunning enemies, as well as dealing damage over time

Of course, you can take elemental damage, as well, from environmental hazards like exploding barrels found in combat arenas. Be mindful of your environment lest you get crispy, frozen, or shocked.

image of Zilla and Lo Wang for Shadow Warrior 3 tips

Complete Challenges & Find Orbs

This tip might be pretty basic, but it matters if you want to get Lo Wang super over-powered. While you probably won’t find all of the orbs or complete all of the challenges in one playthrough, it’s worth it to try and find them if you want to do massive damage.

Start with easy challenges such as getting Katana kills or chi-blasting bad guys. Then, just consult the “Challenges” tab in the main menu to find new options.

You can get more orbs in order to get more upgrades by leveraging Lo Wang’s mobility. This might require jump puzzles, getting through tiny spaces, or other exploratory behaviors. Just listen for that little harmony to know when you’re near one.

promo art of Lo Wang using the grappling hook in Shadow Warrior 3
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