Best sport games

Best sport games
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Today we’re back with another guide to some of the best PC games available to download. Yesterday we brought you all the best free board games and we’ll also be looking this week at RPGs, strategy games, and finishing the week with a bonus article on the best games you access on Steam for free. Today though, we’re looking at the best Sports games for PC.

Best Sports Games for PC

Sports games have become incredibly popular over the years, which means there are plenty of high-quality games out there across many popular sports. Today, we’ll be looking at single and multiplayer football games, soccer games, athletics games, racing games, and even cricket games. Let’s get into the best Sports PC games.

Sports games for today

Monster Energy Supercross

Moto Cross game

We’re starting off today’s list with Monster Energy Supercross. Supercross is an incredibly fun sport to watch. It has it all. Fast-paced action, death-defying stunts, and an against the clock turbo feel that doesn’t quit until the chequered flag is waving the winner home. It’s dangerous though, which is why you and I might best be suited to stay at home and get our Supercross kick on our PC.

This is where Monster Energy Supercross comes in offering impressive graphics as you hurtle around the course on your Moto Cross bike. What’s even better about this Supercross simulator is that it comes with a world tour track builder, which means you can customize your tracks and build in as many stunts, twists, and turns as you like. The gameplay isn’t for the faint-hearted though and has quite a steep learning curve. If you’re not up for a difficult challenge, you should look elsewhere.

Monster Energy Supercross Download now



FIFA has been the dominating force when it comes to football video games for some time now. Sure, there’s the Pro Evolution Soccer series, we’ll get to that later, but when it comes to units shipped there is only one winner.

With the latest installment, FIFA 20, Electronic Arts has added a brand-new dimension to the world of football it tries to digitally represent. VOLTA is a new game mode that takes its name from the Portuguese word for return. The idea behind this is clear as VOLTA is taking FIFA back to the street where so many of the world’s biggest soccer stars fell in love with the game. These “streets” hold a loose meaning too as the game is boiled down to smaller 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 games in crazy arenas including rooftops, beaches, and cages. There’s a lot to learn with VOLTA but you’ll certainly have a lot of fun as you get to grips with the new dynamics VOLTA will need you to master.

FIFA 20 Download now

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

PES 2020 efootball

The battle between FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) used to be a lot closer than it is today. PES was widely regarded as the better game while FIFA offered a much more polished experience. For years though, PES fell behind in both regards and FIFA established itself as the football game to play.

Recently, though, PES has quickly been regaining lost ground and is once again garnering the critical acclaim it used to enjoy. This latest version of the Konami franchise has taken huge strides in that regard. Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 now has a completely revamped Master League, a more realistic transfer system, better first touch controls, improved goalkeepers, and more finely tuned ball physics. Even free kicks and penalty shootouts are better now too. Once again, PES is feeling like a video game that simulates the game dynamics you contend with when playing the game for real compared to a FIFA that simulates the game you watch on TV. Both are fun and both are great at what they try to do, but individual tastes will dictate which game is right for you.

eFootball PES 2020 Download now

Cricket 19

Cricket 19 game

Cricket 19 is a fantastic cricket simulation game that really lets you dive into the on-field experience of world-renowned cricket stars. The game enjoys fantastic graphics and also has realistic physics and dynamics making all those spectacular catches you see on the TV more difficult to pull off but equally more satisfying when you do.

Cricket 19 also boasts an excellent career mode that will see you forming your own cricket club and building it up from scratch. Another great feature is the Scenario mode, which allows you to play in some of the most famous cricket matches of all time. If you’re a cricket fan, this is the game you want to try.

Cricket 19 Download now

Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 2020

The Madden games by Electronic Arts have been around for decades now and, accordingly, have enjoyed constant evolution and refinement over a very long period of time. This latest addition to the series keeps it moving forward in impressive fashion and offers all American Football fans the chance to get into the heart of the action without having to put on protective pads and a helmet.

The graphics in Madden NFL 20 are simply mind-blowing and will leave you wondering whether you are playing a video game or controlling a game in real life. On top of the improved graphics, Madden also has an improved career mode called Face of the Franchise: QB1 that sees players try to become the NFL’s star quarterback.

Madden NFL 20 Download now

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 PC game

The Olympics have always been the pinnacle of all sporting events across a wide variety of sporting disciplines. Always a treat to watch, the official Olympics game from Sega makes competing accessible for Olympics fans too. This online Sports game looks fantastic and offers recreations of many of the most popular Olympic events including the 100m Sprint, 110m Hurdles, the Hammer Throw, and the Long Jump, various swimming events, and ball games such as Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Football, Ping-Pong, and Tennis. You’ll also get a boxing game too.

There’s a lot here for all sports fans to get into and this game is definitely worth checking out. If you have certain events that you’d like to play, however, make sure you check the game has them as not all Olympic sports are here.

Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 Download now

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