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Best apps to enjoy the Super Bowl

Tom Brady Super Bowl

There’s nothing more American than Super Bowl Sunday, and parties on this day can be a wild ride. Besides the game, the commercials, and the endless piles of food, you can use your phone to take the game to the next level. Here are some great apps to make sure you have the best Super Bowl Sunday ever.

6 best apps to make your Super Bowl party awesome

6. Air Horn

No need to go out and buy your own air horns this year. You can simply download an app for it. This is the best way to show your excitement when something big happens, and it’s perfect for any Super Bowl party.

Loudest Air Horn Free Download

5. Grubhub

Whether you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, or simply enjoying the game on your own, you’re gonna want something to eat. Grubhub is the perfect way to get some food without ever needing to leave the house, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the game. You’ll be able to get delivery from thousands of restaurants all over the country, for any type of food you could imagine.

Grubhub Food Delivery/Takeout Free Download

Alternatively, you could check out our article on food delivery apps to find out the best one for your area.

4. Twitter

Twitter is the ultimate social media for tracking the community conversations of the big game. Just find your team’s hashtag, and you’ll see all the jokes and memes as they go live. It’s the best way to really feel the comradery of cheering on your favorite team. Instead of complaining about the game or mocking the commercials with a room full of friends, you get to do it with the whole planet!

Twitter Free Download

nfl stadium

3. NFL Mobile

The NFL app has everything. From game statistics to highlight reels, you can stay on top of every aspect of this year’s football season through this app. This makes it especially useful for anyone who hasn’t been staying up to date on the league this season. You can find out how each player has been doing to help you make all your Super Bowl predictions. It’s also a great companion app for Fantasy Football players. You can even use this app to watch the game itself if you’d like.

NFL Mobile Free Download

2. Super Bowl LIII Fan Mobile Pass

The Fan Mobile Pass app is ideal for anyone flying down to see the Super Bowl, or anyone who wants to get some insight on some of the unique and special events surrounding the game. Through the app, you can win prizes, play community games, and stay updated on all additional Super Bowl events.

Super Bowl LIII Fan Mobile Pass Free Download

1. Blazin’ Rewards

Everyone knows the traditional food for Super Bowl parties are wings, and there’s no better place to find them than Buffalo Wild Wings. Their app not only makes ordering their wings incredibly easy, but it also automatically sets you up with deals and coupons. You’ll also be able to build up rewards for future parties. You won’t be disappointed by the wing supply that BWW can give you.

If you don’t have cable and are trying to figure out where you’re going to watch the Super Bowl this year, then you’ll definitely want to check out our Softonic Solutions page, where we list off the best websites for watching the big game. Whether you’re a Patriots fan or Rams fan, we hope you have an exciting and safe Super Bowl Sunday.

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