Beta invites for Steam Music now being sent

Jonathan Riggall


Steam has started sending out beta invites for its Steam Music beta. To get a chance of testing it, you need a Steam account, and must join the Steam Music group – members are being chosen at random to participate in the beta.

Steam, the huge PC gaming platform is expanding, with it’s own OS and ‘Big Picture Mode’. Part of this is the introduction of a music player for the app. Steam Music is the result.

Beta invites for Steam Music now being sent

The idea of Steam Music is simple – make listening to music while gaming easy. Currently, you have to run another app is you want to listen to music, and switching between Steam and your music player isn’t an ideal situation in terms of system resources or user friendliness. Currently Steam Music works through Big Picture mode, but a normal desktop interface will be added soon.

This Steam Music beta is starting off simple. It’s basic, playing only MP3 files you have on your PC locally. You can also currently buy a number of game soundtracks too. A streaming service may be discussed later, but for now the focus is on adding more format support and getting basic features working correctly.

Steam Music is part of Steam’s expansion from just being a games platform. Steam already offers some non-game software, and Valve intends to make it more of an entertainment center that can play all kinds of media.


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