Bill Gates’ retirement software package

Keeping Bill off the streetsAs the World’s most successful businessman prepares to stand down, I got to wondering what Bill Gate’s will get up to after he leaves Microsoft. Will he run for president? Move to Space? Throw all his money in the sea? I’m not sure. The one thing I do know is that the planet’s biggest geek will not be throwing away his PC. So I decided to put together a collection of potentially useful software as a leaving present for my favorite tycoon.

  • Orbital Trader– He’s already conquered the business world here on Earth, so perhaps Bill is now thinking of branching out it other areas of the Galaxy. This space trading game will give him a chance to see if his corporate nouse extends to interplanetary economics.
  • XP Gloss Wallpaper – Here’s a cool download to help Bill celebrate one of his greatest hits. Once he’s installed this funky version of the XP logo as his desktop background he’ll hopefully forget he ever released a follow-up.
  • Microsoft Money Deluxe – Not sure if you’ve heard of this one Bill, but it might be a useful app for you to calculate your pension payments. It contains a range of analysis tools that will help you work out if you can still afford that week in Florida this summer.
  • Need for Speed Carbon – In his early years at Microsoft in 1997, Gates was arrested for speeding in his Porsche (as you can see from his mugshot it didn’t seem to bother him too much). This classic racing game might help him contain his passion for burning rubber to his PC.
  • OpenOffice – Now that his days as a corporation bigwig are numbered, perhaps Bill will turn his back on commercialism and embrace the open source community by using OpenOffice rather than MS Office to publish his memoirs. Somehow I doubt it.
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