Binky is the Social Network that isn’t even Social

Binky is the Social Network that isn’t even Social

Ever shared anything on Facebook and Twitter and immediately regretted it? Have you ever found yourself gripped with fear and dread about who might see that post you made the night before? These are just a couple of scenarios the best of us have found ourselves in too many times. Well for me, now I say, ”No More!” Never again will I find myself hoping the world hasn’t seen my latest musing as I have found Binky.

Binky describes itself as infinite feed of random things and it makes a pretty bold claim for something that appears to be a social network. Binky promises that it won’t stress you out or make you hate your friends. What is this black magic, how could a social network not do either of those things?

Well in truth, Binky isn’t a social network. It is just as it was describedBinky is the Social Network that isn’t even Social earlier, an infinite feed of random things. OK, so that sounds exactly like social networks these days but the thing with Binky is that it isn’t social at all. What you see are randomly generated “Binks” that have not been posted by your friends.

The concept might sound a little too novel but give it a go, it could grow on you. You can like Binks, share Binks and even comment on Binks just like you could if you were interacting with the real world. In today’s hyper-stressified world of constant interaction, an app that claims to be “Just Like a Real App” is a welcome distraction.

Binky is like singing in the shower or living with the curtains closed. As the developers say, you can “Do whatever the hell you want in Bink – no one will ever see it.”

Binky is available now on iOS and is coming soon to Android.

Go wild everyone.

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