Bioshock Infinite reimagined as a text-adventure

Bioshock Infinite reimagined as a text-adventure

Bioshock Infinite has been remade as a satirical text adventure, the game genre that was popular back when fancy graphics were still beyond what computers could achieve. Bioshoot Infinite +1 takes you through the story of the game, but in text only. If you are playing the real thing, or want to in the future, do not play this text adventure, as it is full of spoilers!

There has been lots of debate about whether Bioshock Infinite was too violent, and even whether it should have been made as a first person shooter at all. Some people find the relentless shooting doesn’t fit very well with the atmosphere and the story.

Violence in video games is a hot topic this year. Many people questioned the replacement of puzzles and platforming with shooting in the recent (and otherwise excellent) reboot of Tomb Raider too.

This text adventure plays with that idea, and also satirizes how the game helps you make choices.

I’d recommend you play Bioshock Infinite and judge for yourself about the violence before trying this amusing text version.

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