Bitdefender reveals the 10 most successful Facebook scams of 2014

Bitdefender reveals the 10 most successful Facebook scams of 2014

Scams are an unfortunate reality of Facebook, as we’ve reported before. Now, the French Bitdefender blog has published the results of their Facebook scam survey, revealing the most successful scams so far in 2014.

Like last year, the fake Rihanna ‘sex-tape’ video was really popular in 2014. Here are the top ten scams of 2014, by how often they were shared by Facebook users.:

1. Who visited my profile?

2. Change the color of my profile.

3. Rihanna sex tape.

4. Check my new status to receive a free branded t-shirt.

5. Say goodbye to Facebook.

6. Unsealed boxed products offered free.

7. Check who has un-friended you.

8. Click here to see your top ten profile stalkers. You’ll be surprised to see how often your ex visits your profile!

9. Discover how to see who visits your profile (in Spanish).

10. I just changed my Facebook theme – it’s amazing!

‘Who visited my profile’ is a very old scam, but it apparently never drops in popularity, with scammers using variations, such as stalkers, exes and partners to lure people into clicking malicious links. Changing the color of Facebook also remains hugely popular – these scams may be old, but they keep being successful as they respond to things users want to know. People are more susceptible to scams that appear to answer their concerns.

Always be aware that a link that sounds too good is most likely a scam.

Source: Bitdefender


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