BitTorrent goes mainstream with Orb

BitTiorrent logoBitTorrent has signed a deal to spread its content even further via Orb’s desktop sharing software. From now on, BitTorrent comes bundled with the Orb installer which allows people to share their media by streaming it to other PC’s and mobile devices.

According to NewTeeVee:

In practice, an Orb user would get access to BitTorrent content on his PC and then be able to use Orb to stream that content to any of his devices — from a PS3 to an iPhone. Typically BitTorrent is used to download content — video or music — to a personal computer, which is difficult to share within the home.

Orb meanwhile gave a little more detail about how it will look:

With Orb and BitTorrent installed on their PC, users will see a familiar media library view of all the media on that computer. Organized by media type, users can quickly and easily organize their titles, make playlists, and share content with their friends via email, SMS, or on a social networking-like page. Simply put, BitTorrent enables the download of content to the home and Orb enables access to that content from any device the user may own.

The potential reach here is certainly huge although the million dollar question, as always, is what kind of content will users be able to download and access on the move. At the moment, many independent music artists such as Radiohead and the Dave Mathews Band are releasing material on BitTorrent bit the content on offer will have to be much more mainstream, and backed by major record labels and film studios, if the deal is going to really bear fruit.

To get started with the new application, you can download it here.

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