BitTorrent Sync will take on Dropbox, Drive and OneDrive with Pro edition

BitTorrent Sync will take on Dropbox, Drive and OneDrive with Pro edition
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Popular file syncing and sharing app, BitTorrent Sync, will be offering a Pro edition for $40 per year in early 2015. The company teased the redesigned Sync 2.0 update, which will still offer a free plan for its users.

Sync Pro will offer collaborative tools that enterprises will find useful. “Capabilities like having access to very large folders, controlling ownership and permissions for shared folders, and keeping information automatically consistent across your desktop and mobile devices will now be possible,” writes BitTorrent VP of Product Management Erik Pounds.

BitTorrenty Sync 2.0 permissions and ownership

Compared to traditional cloud-based storage services like Dropbox, Box, Drive, and OneDrive, BitTorrent Sync Pro offers a lot of advantages. The biggest seller is security; no data is stored on a company’s server so your files won’t be managed by a middle-man.

BitTorrent Sync also offers “unlimited” storage because the amount of storage provided depends on the size of your servers and computers. This also makes sending huge files possible since they won’t need to be compressed before sharing.

BitTorrent Sync 2.0 on-demand

Pricing for Sync Pro is also attractive. At $40 per year, it costs less than half of what most cloud storage services charge.

Sync 2.0 and the Pro edition will launch early 2015 but you can sign up to test a beta before its release.

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