Best Black Friday TV Deals 2023

Amazon is offering the best selection of discounted Smart TVs from the best brands

Best Black Friday TV Deals 2023
Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández

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Black Friday TV deals are always the hottest among these days of sales mayhem, offering the lowest and most aggressive prices of the entire year. Whether you’re a cinephile, sports enthusiast or gaming aficionado, Black Friday is always the perfect time to upgrade your basic TV into a cutting-edge viewing experience. 

Retailers such as Amazon are already offering budget-friendly Samsung TV deals as well as a wide array of stunning 8K displays and OLED technology that will transform your living room in a cinematic experience. To cater all your needs, we’ve made a list with the best Black Friday 2023 TV deals. Don’t forget to come back often to find out more bargains!

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class QLED 4K

Get this spectacular 55-inch Samsung Smart TV 25% cheaper than its normal price. The Samsung TV QLED 4K is currently one of the most powerful TVs on the market. It features Quantum HDR technology, transforming light into pure colors, while also providing access to all gaming content on the market through the Gaming Hub of its Tizen operating system.

SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal UHD 4K

The SAMSUNG TV Crystal UHD is a 85-inch television with a 4K screen that delivers the best image quality without hurting your wallet. Among the main features of this SAMSUNG TV, we find its Crystal UHD processor, capable of generating real images with completely pure colors thanks to its Dynamic Crystal Color system. Take advantage of this year’s Black Friday deals and get your Samsung TV Crystal UHD for just $1197.

Sony Bravia 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD

This Black Friday, you can purchase this impressive 75-inch Sony Bravia TV with a 9% discount. Enjoy bright, colorful images on its 4K HDR screen, along with immersive sound quality enhanced by Dolby Atmos technology and X-Balanced speakers. Additionally, the Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD includes Google TV, providing an entire universe of entertainment in one place. You can get this extraordinary Smart TV for $848, 9% less than its regular price

Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD


$848 $928

LG OLED evo (42”)

Another interesting offer from Amazon’s Black Friday is the LG OLED evo 55-inch smart TV. It’s discounted by almost 25%, allowing you to save over $200 on your new television. The LG OLED EVO stands out as the only 4K smart TV capable of delivering pure black, now 20% brighter. It also features Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS surround sound. Grab this unbeatable offer right away for $896.

LG OLED evo (42'')


$896 $1196


If you like the previous LG OLED EVO model but find its screen too small and you’d rather pay a bit more to make it bigger, don’t worry. Amazon has also put the 48-inch version of the same TV on sale at a much more affordable price: Only $984!

LG OLED evo (48'')


$984 $1046

LG B3 Series OLED Smart TV (65”)

Experience pure black thanks to LG OLED TVs. All through Amazon’s Black Friday week, you can get this 65-inch LG OLED TV with a 4K screen at the best price: 13% cheaper! The LG OLED Smart TV is perfect for viewing any kind of entertainment content as well as gaming. Get yours now for only $1296, $200 cheaper than its previous price.

LG B3 Series OLED Smart TV


$1296 $1496

Amazon Fire TV (32”)

The 32 inches Amazon Fire TV brings the perfect mix of convenience and entertainment in a compact package. Its HD display offers crisp visuals powered by HDR10 while its integrated Amazon Fire TV functionality provides seamless access to a variety of streaming services and apps. Despite its smaller size, it delivers impressive streaming quality and Alexa compatibility, allowing effortless voice control. This Black Friday you can get your own Amazon Fire TV almost half price, with a tempting $109 price tag instead of its usual $199 one.

Toshiba C350 Series (75”)

The Toshiba 75C350KU Smart TV stands out from its competition with its expansive 75-inch screen, offering a captivating viewing experience. Its 4K UHD resolution delivers vibrant colors and sharp details, ideal for immersive entertainment. With built-in Fire TV and Alexa Voice Remote, it effortlessly integrates streaming services and apps, enhancing convenience. This Black Friday you can save up $300 from its original price, being able to get your own Toshiba 75C350KU for just $499.

Toshiba 75C350KU


$499 $799

Toshiba C350 Series (43”)

Did you like the previous Toshiba Smart TV but its size or price was too high for your liking? Don’t worry. This Black Friday you can also get the 43-inch Toshiba C350 Smart TV for just $189.

Toshiba 43C350LU


$189 $279

INSIGNIA 65-inch Class F30 Series

The Insignia NS-65F301NA23 Smart TV boasts a generous 65-inch display, offering ample screen real estate for immersive viewing. Its 4K Ultra High Definiion resolution delivers crisp visuals, while the built-in Fire TV integration offers seamless access to a plethora of streaming services and apps. With a 32% off from its original price ($499), this Black Friday is the best time of the year to purchase this excellent Smart TV for just $339.

Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández

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