Block unwanted callers

Symbian screamsI was interested to learn of a man from America who has set up his entire home phone operating system using Asterisk, open source software that IMs him whenever his phone rings, sets personalised MP3 ‘hold’ music and, definitely the most interesting, redirects unwanted callers to the screams of monkeys. In tribute to this piece of genius, I thought I’d show you some other ways of ruining the lives of telemarketers and nuisance callers.

  • BlackBaller (Symbian) – Blacklist salesmen
  • Call Filter (Symbian) – Reject a call, send a nasty SMS
  • MagiCall (Win Mobile) – Block or hang-up, you choose
  • Call Block (Palm and Pocket PC) – Block incoming calls by first or last digits
  • Advanced Call Manager (Symbian) – Separate friends, enemies and family into lists
  • PhonePilot (Symbian) – Engaged; reject; send SMS… 7 ways to avoid people
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