Blog action day: software to care about Earth

Elena Santos


Bloggers Unite - Blog Action DayToday is Blog Action Day, a movement created by three active bloggers with a very clear aim: use the communicative power of united blogs all around the world to bring one important issue to everyone’s minds.

This is the first year we’re celebrating Blog Action Day and the inaugural topic is environment. Being a blog about software, we thought that the best way to contribute to such a great cause would be to create a list of ecological software apps (along with a couple of websites) that can help you save energy and use resources in a smarter way, but above all, raise your environmental awareness in order to make this world a better place for us all.

  • LocalCooling – Tweak your system to make it more environment-friendly.
  • Shutter – Hibernate your PC when you’re not using it and save energy.
  • ZeroFootPrint – a social network to reduce your environmental impact.
  • SpeedFan – A better CPU temperature manage will help reduce global warming.
  • National Geographic Screensaver – Let these wonderful landscapes inspire you.
  • Earth Day Quiz – Calculate your ecological footprint by filling in this test.
  • DesktopPlant – Take your first steps in ecology with this virtual azalea.
  • Google Earth – Check how environment is changing with the UNEP‘s layer.
  • Green Ville icons – Give your Desktop a greener look.

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