Boost your Security with the World’s Most Hack Proof Phone

Boost your Security with the World’s Most Hack Proof Phone

Everybody has a smartphone these days because they offer unparalled convenience via almost permanent access to the World Wide Web. The problem is, however, that despite the fact we use our smartphones much than our PCs for accessing the internet they are much easier to hack into than their housebound cousins. Step up John McAfee and the team behind the McAfee antivirus suite who are aiming to bring the World’s most hack proof phone to market this year.

The John McAfee privacy phone will be an Android based OEM mobile but it will feature additional hardware and software features, which regular mobiles do not have, designed to keep it safe from hackers. An example of this will be the hardware buttons that will enable the user to regain control of the dev ice if it has been remotely accessed by a hacker.

John McAfee:

“Smartphones have become the Achilles heel of cybersecurity. No matter how secure our applications become, they must still execute in an environment designed from ground up to be a spy device. It is like building a race car and having it powered by a rubber band.”

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The phone will likely be available in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year and will cost around $1,1000.


Via: Guiding Tech

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