This is what we learned from the Borderlands 3 trailer

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Borderlands 3Get ready to joy-puke your face off.

Today at PAX,  Gearbox dropped the nearly four-minute long trailer for Borderlands 3. Take a look:

It is unknown where “Mask of Mayhem” fits into the title of the new game, but the trailer still had plenty of things for fans to dive into.

New vault hunters

Borderlands 3 vault huntersAlong with the series’ wide cast of characters, the trailer revealed the four new vault hunters players get to choose from to start their adventure. The game hints that one of them might be a Siren, as is a Borderlands tradition. The rest of the cast appear to be the typical heavy, sniper, and basic characters seen in similar titles.

The new vault hunters have the same Borderlands charm we have come to appreciate throughout the years. We will have to wait to find out what unique skills they all possess, but the insect-like drone hovering behind the sniper character promises lots of wonderful mayhem.

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A billion more guns… and guns with legs

Borderlands gun with legsBorderlands 2 broke the Guinness World Record for most guns in a video game with nearly 18 million guns. Borderlands 3 looks to leave that number in the dust. The bold claim of adding “a billion more guns” might be a bit of a stretch since when the Borderlands 2 trailer dropped years ago, it said the game would have an absurd “870 gajillion more guns.”

Borderlands 3 will also have a new mechanic for guns as now some have legs so guns can walk around shooting people. If you are looking for a reason to buy this game, “guns with legs” should be your top selling point.

New worlds to explore

Borderlands Big City

One of the most stunning parts of the trailer surely was the new worlds for players to explore. Typically, a Borderlands world is one of two things: a harsh landscape filled with unruly creatures that want to eat your face, or a small city or camp filled with townsfolk that want to eat your face. Borderlands 3 showed worlds similar to ones from the past but also showed a giant city complete with skyscrapers and floodlights illuminating the sky.

New villains

Borderlands villainsAs many fans predicted, the character models Gearbox revealed yesterday were the new villains for Borderlands 3. The characters who are being called the “Children of the Vault” don’t offer many hints as to who they are, where they came from, or what their motives might be. As this game is set to take place a few years after Borderlands 2, we can assume that the events of that game have molded the villains for Borderlands 3.

That guy sure does look like Handsome Jack though, and that girl is wearing a lot of clothes that might be hiding some tattoos…

The rest of the panel

Before the Borderlands 3 trailer, Gearbox showed fans a trailer for a remastered version of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which you can watch below.

The game will feature both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel along with all the DLC from both titles. The game has gotten a new coat of polish and will be playable in ultra HD.

Gearbox announced that a remastered version of the game-of-the-year edition of Borderlands will be available for purchase on April 3 for PS4, XBox One and PC.

The panelists began by going over yesterday’s trailer and revealing some of the hidden secrets left for the savvy player to find. Sadly, panelists told attendants at PAX that Handsome Jack’s mask was briefly shown in the trailer just to mess with fans, as the character is dead, and we now have new villains to tango with on the new adventure.

The panel was padded with news about other Gearbox projects on the horizon, but nobody really cares because everyone at the panel and everyone tuning in online just wanted to hear about the new Borderlands game. They did, however, mention a new table-top Borderlands card game called “Tiny-Tina’s Robot Tea Party,” and that sounded cool.

Tiny Tina card game

More details will be revealed for Borderlands 3 on April 3. In order to keep updated on all things Borderlands, Gearbox created a Discord for fans. We’ve included the QR code below.

Borderlands QR code

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