Borrow and lend Kindle books online with Lendle

Borrow and lend Kindle books online with Lendle

If you own a Kindle, you’re probably already aware that Amazon allows you to lend out select ebooks you’ve purchased to other Kindle users. This is a one-time service where you can let another Kindle user borrow an ebook you’ve purchased for up to 14 days before the book is returned to your own device. Author and publisher prohibitions against lending on certain books notwithstanding, it’s a pretty useful feature.

But what if you don’t know anyone else who owns a Kindle? Now you don’t have to, thanks to Lendle. A web-based service that allows users in the US to lend and borrow books entirely online, Lendle is easy to use and a great way to take advantage of Amazon’s ebook lending service, even with people you don’t know. While you don’t technically have to own a Kindle to participate, you do need to own lendable ebooks in Kindle’s format and have a Kindle-compatible device in order to read them.

The obvious downside is that quite a few ebooks aren’t able to be lent out. Publishers or authors have the right to restrict lending abilities on their works, and many choose this option. Also, since Amazon limits a user’s ability to lend more than one time per book, once you’ve accepted a lend request, that’s the last time you can lend it out to someone else. For all its outward popularity, ebook technology is still in its infancy and developers of ebook devices like the Kindle are still trying to work out the kinks in their policy on lending ebooks. It may not be the best or most user-preferred solution, but by connecting book lovers across the web Lendle still offers an incredibly useful sharing service that’s definitely worth a look.

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