Box now offers 10GB free, $5/month for 100GB

Box now offers 10GB free, $5/month for 100GB

Box, the cloud storage service, has doubled the amount of storage space for its free users in addition to offering a $5/month plan for 100GB. With so many competitors in the cloud storage space, Box had to offer something different than its competitors. It now offers almost as much as Google’s combined 15Gb of storage for Google Drive and Gmail. Still, compared to Dropbox‘s 2GB, SkyDrive‘s 7GB, and iCloud‘s 5GB, Box’s service looks mighty tempting.

Box has always been more of an enterprise company, providing big businesses with cloud storage solutions but it hasn’t been very popular with consumers or smaller businesses. The company hopes to change that with its $5/month/user for 100GB plan. This starter plan lowers the barrier to entry for smaller businesses, a market Box has yet to tap. If and when small businesses expand and need more space, Box has them covered too with higher tier plans.

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For more details, check out Box’s blog post at the source link below.

Source: Box Blog

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