Broken Sword creator making Doctor Who adventures

Broken Sword creator making Doctor Who adventures

Broken Sword is one of the best-loved point and click adventure games, and creator Charles Cecil is helping to develop interactive episodes for this year’s Doctor Who series. For the uninitiated, Doctor Who is a long running British sci-fi series about a time traveling alien who calls himself ‘The Doctor’.

According to the BBC, there will be two four-hour episodes for PC and Mac. The first is to be released in June and will be available free! I’m not a huge fan of tie-in games, but Charles Cecil’s involvement gives me some hope and developers Sumo Digital from Sheffield in the UK have produced some great titles recently.

Whether the episodes will be straight point and click affairs or something else is a mystery so far. I wonder if any of the ideas from PlayStation game Heavy Rain will be used, as even though point and clicks have made a bit of a comeback in recent years, Heavy Rain really revolutionized the modern storytelling game.

We’ll check out the games as soon as they are released!

[image from BBC news story]

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