Browse the web in widescreen with Firefox

firefox_logo.jpgDespite all the improvements in Firefox over the years, the browser still fails to address the problem that most web pages are tall and thin and yet most screens are short and wide. In order to maximise screen space developer Johnathon Weare has devised an interesting hack for Firefox, known as Widefox, that puts all tabs into a sidebar to give you extra vertical space and get more from your browing experience.

This so-called ‘widescreen’ solution is pretty simple to pull off and involves installing the Tab Mix Plus extension into Firefox. Once installed, it’s just a case of configuring the add-on and running Johnathon’s user chrome file to arrange the tabs along the side of the screen. Besides allowing you to view up to 40 tabs at once, this widescreen set-up allows you to manage sessions more effectively and improves the way you navigate the web.

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