Bubble Witch Saga 2: 7 tips to level up

Bubble Witch Saga 2: 7 tips to level up

Bubble Witch Saga 2 (available on Android, iOS and Facebook) is the sequel to the popular Bubble Witch Saga, one of King’s most popular games. The gameplay is very simple, but there’s a huge difference between playing and succeeding.

After a few hours playing, I’ve come up with some tips to help you make the most of Bubble Witch Saga 2.

Pay attention to the bubble’s course

The aiming system in Bubble Witch Saga 2 is very precise: the dotted line that appears when you aim indicates where the bubble will go.

Pay attention to this, especially if you want to make the bubble bounce. If you aim even a millimeter to the left or right, the bubble won’t go exactly where you want it to go.

Bubble Witch Saga 2

Aim as high as you can

Whenever possible, try to aim towards matching bubbles at the top of the screen. If you break the higher bubbles, all the bubbles below it will also disappear.

With this strategy, you’ll finish all levels in less time and receive more points.

Bubble Witch Saga 2

Remember you have two bubbles for each go

Each time you shoot, you have two options: sometimes bubbles are the same color, other times they are different. In the second case, analyze every possible move to see where placement is the most useful.

If you use the right color combo, you can get a lot of points.

Bubble Witch Saga 2

Get rid of as many bubbles as you can on each go

Aim towards getting combos with each turn. If you are successful several times in a row, you earn a higher score and you’ll get spiders that give you more points when a bubble hits them. Sometimes, you can even unlock multiplier from each shot.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 multiplier

Use the power-ups only in desperate situations

You’ll unlock different power-ups as you play. Don’t use them right away– save them for desperate situations.

The first levels of the game are easy, so save those items for advanced levels when you reach a level that you try day after day and can’t seem to finish. For example: use a free color power-up when you don’t have any combos and you only have a few shots left to finish a level.

The same goes for gold bars. When you start, you’ll have a hundred; your first impulse might be thinking that you have enough and can spend them on buying lives or powers, but don’t do it!

Bubble Witch Saga 2 power-up

Act differently according to the goals for each level

All the tips above can be applied to all levels of Bubble Witch 2 Saga, but the game has three different types of levels, each with a different goal. Consider the specific tips below to succeed.

Clear the screen

When the goal is to clear the screen of bubbles, you must aim for the light beams (you need the number shown on the left side of the board).

In these levels, instead of trying to get rid of as many bubbles as you can, aim for the top to get to those light beams. You’ll finish the level in less time and get more points with less effort.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 light beams

Save the animals

Aim for the bubbles surrounding the animals, and don’t worry about the rest, unless you want to get a combo or a chain reaction.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 animals

Free the ghost

You should aim for the bubbles that surround the ghost, although this time, there is an added obstacle: a structure where the ghost rotates depending on your shots.

For these levels, it’s important to bounce the bubbles and, if there aren’t any bubbles to combine with those surrounding the ghost, use them strategically according to your needs.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 ghosts

Connect devices to play (almost) without limits

Like all games developed by King, Bubble Witch Saga 2 lets you share the game between devices; all you have to do is link the game with your Facebook account.

The good thing about this system is that it saves the levels you’ve played, but not the lives you’ve used. As a result, if you’ve used up your five lives while playing on your smartphone, you can continue playing with the Facebook version of the game, where you’ll have all your lives.

If you use Facebook on your computer and you have a tablet and a smartphone, you’ll have fifteen lives in total.

Play and discover more tricks

These are a few very basic tips for Bubble Witch Saga 2, enough to start and not lose your lives or gold before you have time to actually enjoy it, but I’m sure that after a few games, you’ll find even more.

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