Burning Crusade fever breaks out

Burning Crusade fever breaks out

bc_logo.gifA game that has been able to recruit more than 8 million players in two years (according to Blizzard’s latest headlines) is definitely not to be taken lightly. World of Warcraft, the massive multiplayer role playing adventure is in the news again due to the launch on January 16th of its long-awaited expansion, known as The Burning Crusade.

bc1.jpgThousands of addicts players gathered around local shops and malls in an insane, though understandable, anxiety to get their copy. Many of these stores held special events and opened their doors at midnight on the 16th. No matter how low the temperature dropped, there were huge lines of people queuing for The Burning Crusade all around the world. Some of them even turned up in WoW costumes, dressed as ogres, elves, trolls and a dozen other creatures. It’s funny to think how someone would react if he bumped into a troll coming around the corner on a dark, cold night…

So, what’s new in the expansion? It brings the level limit up to 70, which is ten more than the current top level. It includes two new races (Draenei and Blood Elves), a new profession (Jewelcrafting), a new way to travel (two types of player-controlled flying mounts) and loads of new objects to collect. It lets you enter and explore a whole new continent, the Outlands: a vast territory cluttered with new quests, new instances and new enemies that won’t be easy to kill. However, in spite of this alleged increase in difficulty, there’s already someone who has reached level 70.


On the negative side, The Burning Crusade is causing more frequent lag problems than usual in all realms, with servers occasionally disconnecting you or even being restarted by Blizzard’s technical team. Most players expected problems on launch day but the servers held strong and relatively minor issues only appeared a few days later as more and more people logged-in to the new world. We’ll see how things go during the next few weeks, and hopefully Blizzard will keep up with its ever growing business by supplying new servers as needed. After all, we just want to play!

By the way, just in case you want to try it for yourself, here’s the World of Warcraft Demo on Softonic and also the Burning Crusade Cinematic Trailer.

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