Burning ISO Files in NERO Burning ROM

Burning ISO Files in NERO Burning ROM

Nero Burning ROM provides the ability to create a disc using an .iso file based on your current system’s configuration. You may be wondering why this is important; well, in a nutshell, Nero Burning ROM can back up all of the important components of your computer, allowing you to restore things to the way they were before a catastrophic incident occurred. No more re-configuring and no more restoring. With a disc, you can simply get back to the operating system you were used to in the event that something goes wrong.

How to Create a Disc Using an ISO File and Nero Burning ROM

The first thing you’ll need in order to use Nero Burning ROM to create a disc is an .iso file. These files function like CDs and DVDs on your system through Nero Burning ROM without the need for a physical disc; however, they can be used to make physical discs. Once you have the .iso file you want to use to create your disc, you’ll need to mount the .iso file to a virtual drive. This can be done using free programs like Daemon Tools Lite.

After you mount the .iso file, it will likely act just as a disc would act, meaning you may be asked to install the software contained within the .iso. You can ignore this and just click on Cancel. Next, open the virtual drive that contains the mounted .iso and copy all of the files to a new folder on your desktop or to any location that you’ll remember on your computer.

Now, open Nero Burning ROM and select the CD-ROM Boot option. When you copied the files out of your .iso, an .ima file should have been created in the folder where you moved the files. This .ima file is what you’ll want to select when prompted to Select an Image File in the Boot tab. You should also enable advanced settings and select No Emulation on the drop-down menu. Also, it would be a good idea to change the number of sectors to four.

In the ISO tab, make sure all of your options are selected, then move to the Label tab. Here, you’ll enter in the name of the disc. Keep in mind that some require specific names in order to run. Now you’re ready to burn your disc. In the Burn tab, select New and navigate to the files you copied on the original .iso file. Select all, drag to the burn list and click on the Burn icon.

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