Camino 2.0 in development

Cyril Roger


CaminoI used to be a daily user of the Camino web browser, right before I decided to switch back to Firefox, as I couldn’t live without my extensions, something Camino could not offer. I still like the Camino browser for Mac though, and consider it to be up there with the best. The interface is very clean, it loads websites quickly, is extremely safe for browsing and has almost as many settings as Firefox. Since the Camino team separated from the Mozilla project, I also feel more work has been put into it and that new versions are being released more frequently.

Version 1.6 came out only two weeks ago, yet we’re already hearing of developments for version 2.0. According to the Camino Roadmap, this next iteration of Camino is expected to “bring major improvements to web page rendering”, thanks to the new Gecko 1.9 layout engine, the same one that Firefox 3.0 will carry. Camino, which, with a score of 52/100 on the Acid3 Test is one of the better browsers in terms of web standards compatibility, will also continue to improve in the area. With version 3 of Firefox taking time to come out, and questions on the safety of Apple’s Safari browser rising now and again, it’s good to see Camino upping the ante and hard at work on a solid browser for Mac.

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