Can Twitter make a comeback with new Direct Message function?

Twitter has recently introduced a brand new DM (Direct Messages) feature, that allows users to share certain tweets privately. The feature is available as of today on both iOS and Android, however users will need to update the app in order to start using it.

Once updated, users will notice the introduction of a new “envelope” icon next to the familiar “like” button below any tweet. All users have to do is simply tap on the envelope to send the tweet (along with a comment if they so choose) to any friend or group, without having to announce it to the whole world.

It is supposed that this particular feature has been introduced as another attempt by the social media giant to attract more users, as it’s certainly no secret they’ve been struggling over the past year.

According to Business Insider, Twitter saw a 60% growth in the number of tweets shared via direct messages in 2015. Let’s see if this new function will give the platform the boost it needs in order to stay on top of its game!

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