Candy Crush creators launch Pepper Panic Saga on Facebook

Pepper Panic Saga is the latest game from King, the creator of Candy Crush Saga. Launching first on Facebook, Pepper Panic Saga is also a ‘switcher-and-matcher’ game, so fans of Candy Crush will have no problems jumping right in.

Pepper Panic Saga follows ‘Pepper Puppy‘, a dog who craves spicy chillies and explosions (!), as he journeys from Pepperfield Place to Squawker’s Island. Like other ‘saga’ games, you have to match objects to set of chain reactions, and get through each level as fast as possible.

The game launches on Facebook with 70 levels over five different episodes. King’s Tommy Palm says Pepper Panic Saga’s new characters like Pepper Puppy and Mister Claws the cat, along with bright graphics and new levels will make the game a success.

Play Pepper Panic Saga now.

We have no word on whether the game is coming to mobile devices soon, but if it is a success on Facebook, it’s highly likely we will see it on Android and iOS too.

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